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THOR has found his furrytail ending!

Thor's journey with us began way back when SHAMROQ was newly formed. Due to his sensitive nature and a few interesting quirks, he never quite found a place to fit in and as a result, he was a guest in many foster homes as well as a couple of kennels. Thor longed for a home where he had constant companionship and wouldn't have to share his people with any other animals or... kids.

In June, Emma and Bart enquired about fostering and we had a number of dogs needing help at that time. Although it had been some years since they had a dog in their home, their grief was still raw and they wanted to tread carefully. One blue-eyed Husky took their fancy and plans were set in motion for us to bust him out of the pound for them to foster. At the eleventh hour, after Emma & Bart had set themselves up to spoil him rotten, his owners had a change of heart and reclaimed him.

Perhaps Emma & Bart could help us with Thor instead? They'd be perfect for him! Emma & Bart weren't sold on the idea however. They really had their hearts set on a Husky. A Malamute was just too big for what they had in mind, so we waited for another Husky in need to come along. In the meantime, Emma & Bart did some soul-searching. While adoption was definitely on the cards sometime in the future, they weren't ready just yet, so what was the harm in just fostering Thor? After all, they both worked from home and didn't have any kids or other dogs, so they could give him exactly what he needed while he awaited his forever home. Well, I can say with all honesty that when I witnessed the meeting of Bart, Emma and Thor, I laughed out loud. I wondered...should I tell these people that they just met the third member of their trio or should I wait for them to work it out themselves? It was THAT obvious. Months flew by, punctuated with email updates about how wonderful and special Thor was and how much they adored him. We even followed Thor's very own personal Instagram account and saw all the amazing adventures he got up to with his foster parents. It was of course no surprise then, that just before Christmas, we got the email we'd been expecting. Thor wished to adopt Bart & Emma! Emma wrote: "I know all the universes aligned to bring us Thor, but without SHAMROQ, it would never have happened. We love him beyond what we thought possible. You can never replace past pets with new ones, but you can have a whole new love. It won't be the same, each one is unique, each one presents its own challenges, laughter and love. Thor is simply majestic. He's an absolute pleasure. He brings us the joy we forgot existed. Thank you for not giving up on him. Thank you for remaining patient with me the last few years as I've enquired about various dogs and most of all, thank you for matching us with Thor. Our little family is complete." We'd like to thank all the foster carers (including Emma & Bart, of course!) and kennel staff who were part of Thor's journey and also thank you to Team Subi, whose generous sponsorship of Thor helped us immensely. We could not be happier to see this special man so happy and loved after the grief of losing his original owner, David. We're sure that David is smiling down on Thor's new life and giving his blessing.

Happy furrytail ending, Thor!


I may share my name with the Norse god of thunder, but between you and me, I'm really just a big softie. I'm still a little bewildered that I've found myself homeless, to be honest. You see, things were grand once upon a time. I started life as a pedigreed puppy, bred by a registered breeder who, when I was old enough, chose someone very special to be my Dad. He and I were the best of mates and went everywhere together, but through a cruel twist of fate, he recently passed away. My world shattered...but I can't stay sad forever. I have all this love and loyalty to give and now I'm looking for someone else to lavish it upon. My heart needs a little healing...maybe yours does too?

I have some special criteria for my new home. Because of my exceptional bond with my Dad, I'm used to having company, so I'll need someone who is home for often than not.

Being alone for more than a few hours on my own makes me panic and thoughts of destruction and/or escape invade my head. Whenever my foster parents leave home for a short period, they give me a nice juicy bone and interactive toys like a treat ball to keep me occupied, which work well. I require secure 5ft fencing, preferably Colorbond and concreted underneath so it's digproof. I'm an inside/outside boy who likes the option of spending time in the yard or coming into the house to lie adoringly at your feet. My temperament is naturally placid and I thrive on your company and attention.

I'll need to be your one and only in a home without other dogs or cats. I'm happy to share you with kids, as long as they're aged 12+ as I'm naturally boisterous in play and when I get excited, sometimes I jump up on you and get a bit silly. Though I do love everybody I meet, due to my connection to my previous owner, I tend to gravitate towards males. I like to talk (though I rarely bark) and will grab your attention with a mournful woooooo if I'm feeling ignored.

Playful and lively, you're going to need energy of your own to keep up with me! Even after a half hour walk or run and a play at the beach, I still have enough pep to do zoomies around the yard. This is where you'll see the definition of pure joy, as I leap through the air like a horse in full flight...though horses are a little more graceful and don't run with their tongues lolling out the side of their mouths! Truth be told, I'm a big, clumsy goofball. I just want to be as close to you as I possibly can and don't realise my own size, so you'll need to be steady on your feet! I lean into you to show you my adoration (especially when you're brushing me, which is my idea of heaven) or stand on your toes, just to be as close to you as I possibly can.

Because I won't have another doggy friend to help me expend my energy, I'll need an active person or family to play with me. I like ball play and games of tug. I love the beach but not the water...though a game in the backyard with the hose is fun! Keep in mind if you have one of those beach trips planned, I won't jump into the car. You'll need to use your muscles to lift 40kg of furry sookybaby into the vehicle. Once inside though, I'm fine and will lie down calmly in the back seat.

If you want to see not just my tail, but my whole butt, wag...all you have to do is show me the lead. My lead manners are quite good for a dog of my size and breed. I have basic obedience - sit, shake, wait, etc. - but would flourish with more training. Treats in your pocket will ensure that I'm eager to please!

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