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AISHA has found her furrytail ending!

November was a crazy-busy month for us, with a whopping TEN adoptions and Aisha was the lucky last. Our big, goofy, overgrown puppy moved in with Natasha & Billy and won their hearts.

Aisha's stay with us would not have been possible without the time, commitment and hard work of the Butner-Johnson family who fostered her. We're also very grateful to the Heremia-Tarau F...urbabies, who were Aisha's kind sponsors.

Happy furrytail ending, Aisha!


My name is of Arabic origin and means ‘alive’. What can I say, but that I was named well…after all, Malamute pups are the very definition of lively! I’m looking for an active and patient family with the time and commitment to continue my training and help me grow into a wonderful companion. With typical puppy enthusiasm, I jump up when I’m excited to see you and can mouth to get your attention, so I’m going to be too boisterous for small children. I know the commands of come and sit and I’ve learned to wait for my food, but I would love a home where the people will help me build on my obedience. Training would be an excellent way for me to not only learn new things, but to give me a job to focus on and to create a close bond with my new people.

Not to toot my own horn but I'm a bit of a trainer myself. I'll train you not to leave your shoes or other valuables lying around where a curious puppy could use them as teething rings. Please give me some enrichment toys that I'm allowed to chew instead so I don't fee the need to use your things.

In addition to mental stimulation, physical activity will help too. I’m currently walking about 4kms a day and I’m quite strong on lead. House-training is something that I’ve already mastered, so you can cross that off the list of things to teach me. I really love being inside the home where the people are. In fact, if you leave me out of the inside fun, I’ll just knock at the door until you let me in. I’m a big-hearted girl with enough love to go around, so please let me share in the everyday happenings in the home. Happy-go-lucky and chatty, I appreciate your attention and feeling like part of the family. If I was home alone by myself all day, I’d be very bored. And as everyone knows, boredom often equals mischief. I adore people, so I’ll need a home with 5ft high digproof fencing, as digging is my method of choice if I feel like going for a wander to find someone to cuddle me when you’re not there. I’d like a medium to large male dog for company in my new home please. It would be best if he’s older than me and a good role model, but still young enough to play rough. As a tomboy, play-biting and wrestling are my favourite forms of play with other dogs, so he’ll need to be cool with that. I also like to kiss other dogs a lot, so hopefully he can tolerate that too. Please feed us separately though, as I’m very passionate about my food. Unfortunately, I’m not going to suit a home with small dogs, cats, birds or other pocket pets.


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