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TAXI has found his furrytail ending!

While some of our dogs are adopted almost as soon as they're made available, others are fated to wait...and wait...and patiently wait some more before their perfect families find them. Taxi was one of these, racking up just under 600 DAYS in care with his amazing foster Mum, Delice. We aren't sure why it took so long for someone to snap this handsome young man up, but we... can tell you that he was certainly enjoying being spoilt rotten all that time!

All we can say is that good things are worth waiting for and our boy is now a valued member of Kel and Kaylene's family. He's always been one for a bit of a bromance and would greet any male humans with great excitement. You can imagine that he's now in his element with three young boys to rough-house with.

We know Delice was dreading saying goodbye, but seeing Taxi go to such a loving home made the transition easier. We can't thank her enough for her dedication in caring for him throughout his recovery from cruciate repair surgery and showing him what it is to be loved. Thank you also to the Packer Pack for their generous sponsorship of Taxi's journey.

Happy furrytail ending, Taxi!


Did someone here call a cab? Taxi, at your service, ma'am! I'm a cheeky chap who, when given a little time to establish trust, will become your companion, personal trainer, alarm clock and court jester. If you're looking for a dog with personality, consider the search over!

​I need to be your one and only as I don't like most other dogs. Cats, possums and other bite-size creatures also need to keep their distance for their own safety. But people....oh, I love people!

Truth be told, sometimes I think I am one. In my previous home, I was treated as one of the family - perhaps a little too much as I tend to turn up my nose at food intended for dogs, and prefer jam sandwiches instead!

Housetrained, I'm equally content spending time inside the house with you or own my own outside, where I'm happy to play independently with my toys. I like to be left alone when I have something tasty like a bone though.

Secure 5ft fencing will be enough to keep me safe within your yard, as I haven't done any digging or jumping...unless you count the way I leap around like a gazelle! Super-playful, I zoom around, throwing my toys and treats in the air so I can catch them. I had cruciate surgery on my knee in June 2014, but you'd never guess. I have some early signs of arthritis, which are being kept at bay by a couple of courses of Cartrophen injections each year. My playing style is boisterous though - chasing, pouncing, body-slamming, almost expecting you to play with me like another dog would! For that reason, I’m not suited to homes with children under 14. Like a typical Husky, I’m full of beans and need daily exercise. At present, I’m taking morning and late afternoon walks of half an hour each, rain, hail or shine. I’m well-behaved on-lead without too much pulling, unless there’s another dog in my line of sight. My jaunts around the neighbourhood are a highlight of my day, bringing a glint to my amber eyes and a smile to my face.

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