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SOPHIE has found her furrytail ending!

We are great believers in things working out exactly as they are meant to. Sophie had been with us for quite some time and had some pretty big ups and downs. She came to us battling parvovirus for a start and when she beat that like the little trooper that she is, we then discovered that she had hip dysplasia and would need ongoing veterinary support for that.

In the meantime, she had several foster homes, all of whom fell for Sophie's charms and most of which, at some point, intended to adopt her! Unfortunately, each time, things didn't quite work out for Sophie and an adoption never came to fruition. She even spent some time in the kennels because we just couldn't find a foster home that was the right fit for our cheeky strawberry blonde.

One of the foster homes that Sophie had stopped over in briefly back in June was Miree's. Although Miree's family, including Balto, their Husky x boy, was smitten with Sophie, she and their Mally girl, Laska were not as enamoured of each other. While the family could keep the girls separate temporarily, it wasn't going to be a long-term solution and they were heartbroken that Sophie's stay had to be short-lived. So we sent our girl up to Bundaberg to stay with Susan (SHAMROQ'S Secretary) and her husband, Geoff. Sophie absolutely blossomed in their care and learned some lovely manners.

Finally, after putting an ongoing plan in place to manage Sophie's hip dysplasia, it was time to advertise her for adoption. Her profile went up and...BAM! Lots of applications came flying into our inbox. We were surprised to see one from Miree...and saddened to read that 12 year old Laska had just recently passed away. And so it was meant to be that Sophie rejoined their family, but no longer as a foster kid. Although they didn't see eye to eye in life, we think that Laska would approve of another feisty girl moving in to look after her little family in her absence. A very big congratulations goes to Miree and family and much gratitude to the various foster carers (and Acacia Ridge Pet Resort) who have played host to Sophie during her time with us. The largest thank you absolutely must go to our very own Susan, who did a fantastic job. We always knew that it would be difficult for her to part with 'her' special girl, but she is keeping up with how Sophie's doing (and you can too!) by following Little Soph's Facebook page.

Happy furrytail ending, Sophie!



Hi! I’m Sophie. Did you know my name is from the French and means ‘wisdom’? There could be something to that, you know, because I’m a genius. No, really! Well, I learn new things super-fast. As long as you’re talking my language and I understand what you’re asking of me, I’ll pick it up in a flash. At my tender age, I’m like a little sponge, absorbing all the new things you want to teach me. My foster carers have taught me a host of commands, but I’m eager to learn even more. Human attention warms my heart, but I’m not the needy type. I can be independent and chill out with enrichment toys while you’re at work, then happily greet you on arrival home, ready to go for a short walk and have a game of tug or fetch in the yard. At night, I’m equally happy snuggled up with you or in my bed by myself. Already housetrained, a home where I’m allowed to come and go as I please would make me a very happy girl. I don’t mind sleeping inside or out and won’t get into mischief while you’re sleeping so long as I’m confined to one room overnight. Preferably yours!

I’m usually calm and well-behaved around children, especially really little ones. I’m gentle and let littlies follow me around and pat me. I love to play with the older kids, but if they engage me in games that get me over-excited, I can be silly and jump up. But don’t worry, just make like a tree - stand still and ignore me and I quickly calm down again. Being the only dog in the household wouldn’t worry me, as long as I was included as one of the family. I don’t mind a game with another medium to large doggy though…just not another girl please. I’d prefer to be the only princess in the kingdom! That’s my Malamute side coming out, but I get along well with most of the boy dogs I’ve met. I currently cohabitate nicely with a male Husky, but I’ve tried living with a cat and we just weren’t all that compatible. Apparently they don’t like being chased and taunted. My long, impressive coat will need regular attention. I’m quite proud of my looks, perhaps even a little vain...well, wouldn’t you be, if you looked like this? So please set aside some time every week to spend on my grooming needs.

I walk well on-lead and my exercise requirements are quite minimal – just a leisurely 20-minute daily walk is enough for me, due to having hip dysplasia. My condition is being managed with 6-monthly injections of Synovan, which builds cartilage and has anti-inflammatory properties. Secure 5 foot fencing is sufficient to keep me safe, since I don’t jump fences and have showed no interest in digging as a means of escape.

Car rides with the family are fun and I like to be included as one of the gang in your adventures. Just be sure to restrain me securely in the back seat. Otherwise, you’ll find me up front, vying for the best seat in the house with a birds eye view.

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