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GUCCI has found his furrytail ending!

When the Coles family met Gucci and her carer, Bev at our stand at the RSPCA Big Adopt Out this year, they wondered whether they may have just met the newest member of their crew. Having been considering adoption for the last three years, they had been careful not to jump into anything without a lot of thought and preparation.

With Bev having to go away for a short time,... we asked the family if they might like to foster Gucci to get a feel for whether she could be the right fit for them. Bingo! Gucci worked her magic and has become a permanent fixture. So congrats to Anna, Peter, Alex & Max (& Bella the cat!) on their new addition. As always, Bev & her husband. Phil have done an amazing job as foster parents, for which we are ever so grateful. And thank you also to Nat, for her generosity in sponsoring Gucci's journey with us.

Happy furrytail ending, Gucci!


You’d think with a name like mine that I’d be snooty, maybe a bit precious…nope, I’m just a tomboy with a fancy name! I do share something with the Paris Hilton set though. I adore being a social butterfly, whether it’s being around people or playing with other dogs. I can be excited with new dogbuddies at first, though I soon settle down with the medium to large ones. Careful supervision will be required around little dogs as I can get a tad fixated. I have some interest in cats, chooks and other pocket pets, but it doesn’t take long to get my attention. I love children though and I’m very gentle with all, even the young ones. Despite sharing genes with two active breeds that are known for their impressive escape tactics, I’m the exception to the rule. Digging or jumping hasn’t entered my mind and I’m successfully being kept safe and secure within 4ft fences. I’m happy both indoors and out.

I have a variety of inbuilt speed settings – I can be found running around, playing fetch, just chilling on the verandah or pottering around the yard. I love my daily walks, but I don’t mind a lazy day here and there either. On those days, a simple play session with the kids is enough to keep me happy. My foster parents have done all the hard work for you. They’ve given me some lovely obedience training, which has provided the basics such as housetraining, responding well to commands like sit and stay and walking well on lead. I much prefer walking to car rides as I can get a little queasy. I’m quick to pick up new things and bond to new people, but I thrive on routine. A calm, loving household would be my idea of heaven because as far as I’m concerned, a house full of drama…well, ain’t nobody got time for that!


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