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ANUBIS has found his furrytail ending!

Nubi has settled in quite well with his new family Jimy, Neita and especially Husky bro, Kida. They even gave him his own special day for his 5th birthday recently.

Well done buddy and thank you to Nubi's previous family for trusting SHAMROQ to find him the perfect new home through our Assisted Rehoming program.

Happy furrytail ending, Anubis!


Hi I am Anubis, but you can call me Nubi. My name is also that of an ancient Egyptian canine God. I am not sure what of, but I can tell you, I am the canine God of Awesomeness. Yup, that is me in one word. So, due to some sad circumstances, I am looking for a new home. You got kids? No problem! I love people of all ages. I have been raised around youngsters and we get along great. Supervise us when we are together, and you should have no problems! You got another dog? Great!! I love other dogs – all shapes and sizes! I have been an only dog, but I spend lots of time staying with my doggy friends, and I have gotten along great with them all! I will say though, I can be a little drawn to those cats and pockets pets, so it’s best you don’t have any of them. I am awesome, but I am also a husky. So make sure not to let me off lead unless there is a secure fence to keep me in. I am not really a digger or jumper, so secure fences of 5ft should keep me happily in my yard. Just make sure you keep that gate latched and shut, or I might decide to take myself on an adventure.

I have had some leg troubles in the past with my cruciate, but my people had that fixed right up, so no more troubles here! But best to make sure I don’t do any exercise that might be too hard on my legs. A 30 minute walk a day keeps me quite content and healthy. I might get a little excited on the first few minutes of my walk, but after that I settle back to that awesome state. My people have been pretty good to me, but unfortunately I need to find a new home with SHAMROQ’s help. Maybe you could send my old people an update on me from time to time?


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