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WINSTON has found his furrytail ending!

After all the recent foster-failures, it's nice to finally be able to announce an adoption outside of the existing SHAMROQ circle! Of course, now that Kimberly has adopted Winston, we welcome her into the SHAMROQ family, which is growing to be quite large now. Thank goodness we don't have to fit this family around the table for Christmas lunch!

Winston's journey with us ...was only made possible with the care of his foster Mum, Emma, who really does love this little boy to the moon and back. Emma has done a fantastic job once again and we thank her for everything she's done for Winston. Our thanks also go to the Kuhn family who sponsored our beloved little white wolf for us. So now our boy is living it up as the centre of attention in Kimberly's household, though he's been content to share with his new Ragdoll-kitty siblings, Lattey, Lucky & Draxxey.

Happy furrytail ending, Winston!


I’m not entirely sure how I was saddled with such a pompous name...I’m just a fun-loving, young guy who longs to be by your side. Anyway, they call me Winston and I’m very pleased to meet you. Having such a huge amount of love to give, I’m always keen to meet new people and add them to my tribe of friends. Interested? In fact, the more we can hang out together, the better. I adore having human company and would particularly suit someone who is home more often than not. When you return from being out, your welcome will be a personalised greeting in song and interpretive dance to show you just how much you were missed. King of the smoochers, I like to be near you or touching you when we’re together. A paw on your leg will remind you that I need your attention, while I’ve also been known to fall asleep with my head in your lap. I just want to be loved and remind you that you’re loved too. My foster Mum certainly felt the depth of my devotion recently when I responded to her call by running to her with a big smile on my dial, forgetting to put the brakes on and leaping into her arms. Adoring and enthusiastic kisses followed.

In my previous home, I didn’t always feel like I was getting the attention, stimulation and affection that I crave, so I was tempted to go wandering to look for it elsewhere. Apart from a few half-hearted attempts at digging within my first days of foster care though, I haven’t been inclined to think about leaving. In saying that, my foster Mum and her two Husky girls are giving me all the love and exercise that a boy could want. More of the same plus secure 5ft fences in my new home should do the trick of keeping me safely contained. You’ll notice from my photos that my back end appears somewhat skewiff, which is a result of a pelvic fracture, sustained from being hit by a car on one of my escapades prior to being rescued. Well, more accurately, it’s a result of my injuries not being treated at the time, so my pelvis fused itself together, favouring the side I was more comfortable on instead of healing evenly. Oh please, don’t look so sad! Really, everything is fine. Come and meet me to see me race around and play and you’ll see that it doesn’t slow me down in the least. Despite my old injury, I need a minimum of 30 minutes walk daily, though I prefer to run. As well as physical stimulation, I’ll need to be challenged mentally as well with some kind of enrichment or variety of things that I’m allowed to chew. If not given something to keep me busy, be prepared that you may lose your thongs…just the right one of each pair though, since they’re apparently tastier… I can be a little choosy with my dog buddies, so will need careful introduction if you have another dog. However, I have always got along well with the two lovely Husky ladies in my foster home. If I'm going to be an only dog, there should be a human home as much as possible so I can be your little white shadow. I have lived with several cats in my previous home, but would suggest gradual introduction and constant supervision if you’re fond of your kitties. The kids in my previous family were teenagers, but I wouldn’t mind living with dog-savvy primary school age kids either. Being an adolescent myself though, I can tend to jump up and mouth in excitement. I’d benefit from some obedience training and am keen to learn if you dole out tasty treats or praise and cuddles to help me get it right. You won’t need to worry about housetraining though, as I haven’t had any accidents in my foster home.


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