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PRINCE has found his furrytail ending!

This foster-failure has been in the pipeline for a while now, but we can finally announce that it's official. Our handsome Prince Charming is staying put with his foster parents, Cassie & Liam and doggy siblings, Luna the Husky and Eddie the Chihuahua!

Our gratitude as always goes out to some very special people who contribute to our little rescue by way of sponsorship. ... Prince is yet another lucky boy who has benefited from Sonya & Chris' generosity.

Happy furrytail ending, Prince!


‘Tis me, your handsome Prince Charming and I’ve come to rescue you. Only if you rescue me first of course! Though I have no impressive castle or servants or noble steed (and definitely no crown jewels), I can offer you only my companionship, good looks and personality. If I’m going to hang out at your palace, you’ll need secure 6ft fencing. The only reason that I couldn’t stay in my previous home was that they could not contain me. They loved me very much, but love alone won’t be enough to keep me in when there’s adventures to be had. You’ll also need a doggy friend for me, but I’m not fussy on type, as I’m playful with dogs of all sizes. I do, however, like to be the boss (I’m royalty, after all).

I’m an inside dog through and through (again, it must be the blue blood) and I’m not keen on being alone. Whilst I like to be in the company of people, I can be a little aloof. If you’re the touchy-feely type, we may not be a match as I don’t like a lot of hugs and kisses. Just being in your presence is enough for me, so please respect my personal space and avoid smothering me.

I’m gentle with children and always friendly, although I don’t know whether I’d be either of these things with cats, birds and other delicious pocket pets. I have basic obedience training and am well-behaved. This may also be because I’m having my exercise needs met with 1-2 walks daily, which I very much enjoy.


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