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ISHKA has found her furrytail ending!

Yet another success story for October, but by no means the last! Rob & Cherie had fostered for us in the past, although this time they were looking at playing for keeps. But which of our lovely ladies would be a match for their Mally boy, Baloo?

Bingo! One of our gorgeous redheads filled the vacancy. She's surprised us all by not showing any interest in Buddy the cat either...good girl, Ishka! Our thanks go to foster carers, Robert & Lisa and prior to that, Candice, for the love shown to Ishka during her time with us. And also to Ishka's guardian angel, Christina, who has sponsored her throughout her SHAMROQ journey.

Happy furrytail ending, Ishka!

If you’ve known a Malamute before, you’re probably aware that we tend to think that we’re actually humans. Don’t be fooled by the telltale Mally tongue lolling out of my smiling mouth. I’m a person, I promise…just a pretty redheaded lady looking for love. Sweet, gentle and kind-natured, I adore children and would be a lovely family addition. If there’s another dog in your home, he should be male please and respectful. A lady does not appreciate being jumped on and roughed up, so perhaps an older dog who isn’t too excitable might be a good match.

I haven’t been around cats or other pocket pets and I can’t promise that I’d tolerate their presence, so caution is advised.

5ft fences will be sufficient to keep me safely contained. I’ve been kept mainly outside at my foster home, but I’d love to be inside. That’s where the people are…and as I’ve mentioned, I am one of you, remember? I even love human food, so take care not to leave it where it might tempt me.

I have basic obedience but I’m a clever girl and would thrive with your time and guidance. At least 30 minutes’ walk daily will see a goofy smile plastered to my face. I live for your love, attention and to feel the wind in my hair.


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