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CHEEKY has found her furrytail ending!

John & Mary have been long-time supporters of ours, as well as being very loving fur-parents. When they lost their old girl, Lea a little while ago, they asked us to keep an eye out for a suitable dog for them to lavish with love. The moment we laid eyes on Cheeky in a local pound, John & Mary immediately sprang to mind. Miss Cheeky ticked all the boxes for them, so we a...sked them if they would foster her for us, with of course no pressure to adopt. However, the day that they came to collect her from the pound, Blind Freddy could've seen that they had well and truly made up their minds to love her. Similarly, our Cheekychops had made the decision that she was staying for the long haul, thank you very much! We'll admit to a split-second panic when John announced (only 24 hours after collecting her) that it was a 'foster disaster'. Sure, maybe disastrous for anyone else thinking of adopting Cheeky, but an absolute successful result for our little girl and her new parents.

Happy furrytail ending, Cheeky!EndFragment

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