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JYNKX has found her furrytail ending!!

This beautiful girl spent almost 12 months in foster care with us. We can only imagine that this might have been due to the fact that she's a talented climber and needed Fort Knox to keep her in! Like many of the people who fell for her, Jessica & Chris didn't have fencing that could keep Jynkx contained. However, they decided that she was the girl for them and endeavoured to make their fences Jynkx-proof in order to welcome her into their family! So congratulations to the Warren family, especially Golden Retriever, Simba, who now has a little sister to keep him on his toes. The real stars of Jynkx's story are Joe & Vanessa (and of course, their adopted Malamute son, Motley), who welcomed Jynkx into their home, loved her as one of their own for 11 months and still managed to hand her over to a forever home. Carers like Joe & Vanessa are worth their weight in gold and we simply could not do what we do without them. We'd also like to thank James Mok, who has been Jynkx's 'furry godfather' as far as sponsoring her during her time with us.

Happy furrytail ending, Jynkx!

StartFragmentWell, hello there! Did I catch your eye? Not surprising really. I have the pedigree papers to prove that these good looks were no accident. It hardly needs to be said that I’m a stunner, but you’ll need to know more about me before you fall head over heels. Let me tell you a little about myself. A friendly, loving, calm young lady, I adore being by your side, following you around, giving hugs and receiving belly rubs in return. I’m happiest inside the house and prefer to claim my sleeping spot on the floor right next to your bed if possible. I’m not a fan of being alone, so if you’re home more often than not, that would be my idea of heaven. You’ll need very secure fencing, as I miss you so much when you’re not there that I’m keen to Houdini my way out of the yard to come and find you. Your fences will need to be a minimum of 6ft high and concreted around the bottom to prevent me digging out. They’ll also need to be climbproof, without any horizontal crossbeams or footholds that I can use to boost myself over the fence. I’m currently being kept successfully within a Colorbond-fenced yard. Social with other dogs, I enjoy catch-ups at the dog park. I’m a playful girl who loves to run and join in games of zoomies with my friends. If there’s going to be a dog in my new home, I’d like to put in my order for a friendly medium to large boy please. You will need to feed us separately though, as I can be protective of my food. I’m not sure if I could be friends with a cat or not, so kitties should approach with caution, but I do enjoy the company of well-mannered little humans. I have the basics in obedience training – come, sit, give paw and I walk well on lead too – though further training would be beneficial. Remember that despite my size, I’m still just a big pup, so when I’m excited, I’m likely to jump up. This may extend to jumping on to beds and lounges without permission and my size means that I can reach leftovers on the kitchen counters! However, these are things that can easily be remedied with consistent and positive training methods. I need daily exercise – a decent walk or dog park play date. I love games in the yard too and will happily engage in a game of tug-o-war with a rope toy or even a stick. Being still a baby really, I get bored easily and like to be given something to do – or something that I’m allowed to chew.EndFragment


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