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SNOW has found his furrytail ending!

'Snowman' as we affectionately call him, received a lot of adoption interest - no surprise really...could he be any more handsome? And while we spoke to many lovely families and arranged some meet and greets with them and their dogs, it was clear that there was a recurring theme as to why Snow had not yet found his forever home. You may recall that we've mentioned before how Snow's foster parents, Brad & Nerrida, had introduced him to sledding and it turned out that he was a natural. Their training regime was pretty intense and soon, Snow was used to doing a whooooole lot of running. His high exercise needs were just a little too intimidating for all the people who met him with a view to adoption. You've all heard the phrase, "You broke it, you bought it"? Well, with Nerrida & Brad's sledding training turning him into a prospect only really suitable for a sledding could say they 'broke' him.

So now he's theirs ;)

We jest. To be honest, they did the most wonderful thing. They identified that Snow needed a way to expend all his energy, they gave him an outlet for it - and of course, they gave him a forever home! So a very big congratulations to the Powell family, including the other members of their sledding team, Raskus & Chinook, on their stunning - and speedy! - new addition. Many thanks to the Kuhn family for sponsoring Snow's time with us.

Happy furrytail ending, Snow!

Do not adjust your monitors, people. This is not a trick of the light or an exceptionally good angle…I really *am* this good-looking. The name’s Snow. No, I have no idea why, as clearly I’m red, not pure white. But when you’re this damn handsome, believe me, it matters not. As you can imagine, I’m a pretty popular guy and love the spotlight, making me a very social fellow indeed. I enjoy human company and I’m definitely a people-person. Um…excuse me, what? What do you mean that I’m ‘not a person’? Anyway, as I was saying, I love humans. Although I’m a bit boisterous for real littlies and can mouth when I’m excited, I’m friendly towards and tolerant of children. In fact, I see myself as a bit of a protector. This was demonstrated recently when I valiantly launched myself into the pool to save my 11 year old human foster sister from drowning. I don’t know what the difference between drowning and this ‘swimming’ thing is, but it looked the same to me.

My sociability extends to the dog world too, though I admit that the dogs I get along best with are those of my own kind. I’m OK with little dogs, but will chase them if they run. Cats? They wouldn’t stand a chance. The dog/s in my new home will need to be as active as me and let me tell you...when the Furry Dogmother was handing out energy, I turned up early just so I could line up twice. So, what to do with all that extra get-up-and-go, you might ask? Well, my foster parents have found the perfect solution. As well as the vigorous daily walks that all Huskies need, they’ve started training me up for the gig racing season. You think I look dashing now? Just you wait until you see me in harness and hooked up to a scooter. Don’t think it’s all about the look though, because make no mistake, I’m fast. I might be just getting started, but I’m already keeping up with dogs that are known as natural speed demons out on track. It’s not all serious though. Enthusiastic and fun-loving, I like gig-racing because it’s something that my owner and I can do as a team. And as I mentioned before, I like hanging out with folks, so anything that we can do together is great. I have basic obedience, but if you wanted to continue my training, I’d see that as a great opportunity to bond further with you…and garner as much praise and as many rewarding treats as possible! Some other things that make me happy – games of tug-o-war, car rides, toys and balls to keep me occupied, and singing. I have quite a beautiful voice, if I do say so myself. I need a family to give me lots of love, attention…and exercise! I’m happy both inside and outside the house and can be kept safely within 5ft fences.

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