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YUMMY (now Max) has found his furrytail ending!

We weren't kidding when we said that carers adopting their foster dogs was at epidemic's another one! (We're predicting another five - or more! - still to come...)

Yummy settled in so well with Cameron and family, that it was soon evident that he was staying put. We couldn't be happier that Yummy, now named Max, has found comfort in his forever home.

Happy furrytail ending, Max!

I know you’re looking at me and wondering, “Just who is this handsome, exotic stranger?” Well, my name is Yagmur, which is Turkish, but my friends call me Yummy. You could say that I’m the original Turkish Delight – enticing on the outside and sweet and gooey on the inside. Sadly, my Mum is moving overseas shortly and is unable to take me along, so I’m looking for an active family who will include me as one of their own. I’d be best as your one and only so I don’t have to share your love and attention with any other dogs, though it’s possible that I may get along with an existing dog if they’re easygoing and of medium to large size. You’ll need to feed me separately though, as I don’t like to share my food or treats. I much prefer the company of people and would be best in a family with older children, if any. My new home shouldn’t have any cats or other pocket pets though, because they smell extremely appetising to me.

While it hasn’t occurred to me to climb or jump, I’ve been known to dig out of the yard when I’m feeling bored, so digproof fencing would be best. Like a typical Husky, once I’m not contained, my recall is non-existent, so I must always be kept on-lead unless in a securely fenced area. I have basic obedience such as sit, lay down etc and my huge love of treats means that I’m open to more training if you work on a rewards-based system! An outdoorsy kind of guy, I need a minimum of 30 minutes walk daily and enjoy trips to the beach too. Mind you, I don’t swim, but adore putting my feet in the water. Even the car ride to the beach feels like an adventure! I love to chase you and play, but can also entertain myself with my favourites – squeaky balls, tyre rope toys and basketballs. After all our outdoors fun, I love nothing more than coming inside the house and snuggling up in comfort at your feet.

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