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RED has found his furrytail ending!

We spoke a little about failure (of the best kind!) in our post yesterday. Foster failure simply means that the carers 'fail' to complete the process of their foster dog being adopted elsewhere and instead adopt them themselves. We admit that we kinda set it up this time though. After all, how could you not by hypnotised by these eyes? "You are getting veeeeeeeery sleepy.... When I clap my paws, you will have the overwhelming urge to adopt meeeeee...." Craig & Jane were grieving the loss of their Husky boy and were considering adopting another friend for their beautiful Malamute, Roxy, but they really wanted to be sure that the dog in question was a good match. We mentioned Red, for whom we were looking for a new foster home. Perhaps they could, with no obligations to adopt, foster to see if he was the right fit for them? If not, he'd go up for adoption as normal, but if so...well, you know the rest. Thank you to Chris & Sarah, Red's previous foster carers for the time they spent with him.

Happy furrytail ending, Red!

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