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BALI has found his furrytail ending!

This sweet gentleman deserves to be the apple of someone's eye, so we were delighted to be able to send him to his forever home with Lyla & Graham. Of course, in Bali's time in foster care, he was very much a part of the Hoyland family and we are indebted to Tracie & David for the love and care that they have shown him over the last 7 months. Also, many thanks go to Lucy & J...ynx, his sponsors.

Happy furrytail ending, Bali!

A snow dog with a tropical name? Some might find that odd…but what comes to mind when you think of Bali? If it’s the loud and manic hustle and bustle of Kuta, think again. Get off the beaten track and away from the noisy tourists and you’ll find the real Bali – tranquil, serene, quiet, stunning and simply unforgettable. Once you’ve been there, your heart is captured by a small piece of paradise and you’ll never be the same. And so it is with me. Everyone that I meet is entranced by my beautiful nature. Though I’m a big fellow, I’m very placid and gentle. At Christmas, there were 20 people (including toddlers) and 4 Huskies in the house and I took it all in my stride. Children don’t worry me at all and my gentlemanly manners and behaviour are always on display and remarked upon.

I'm similarly non-reactive with other dogs. I get along with my furry foster brother and sister, following them around curiously to see what they’re up to. We get along just fine and I’ll play with them when invited, but I’d also cope as an only dog. I haven’t had any experience with cats, but with my laidback nature, maybe I’m one of those rare Huskies who could live with one if introduced gradually and carefully?

I will soak up any attention that happens to come my way. I’m not a demanding chap, but at least once a day, I’ll sidle up to you and request a scratch. I like to hang out inside the house mostly, but having mastered the doggy door, I’ll take myself outside to sleep in a cool spot. Not having the inclination to jump or dig means that 4ft fences should be sufficient to keep me safe and secure. Though I’m not overly active, my daily strolls are a highlight for me, so I still get excited about them but I’ve had basic obedience training and walk nicely on-lead. I adore car rides and will happily be your passenger on road trips.

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