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LARA & ACE have found their furrytail ending!

Pairs can often be tricky to rehome since most adopters are looking for just one new addition to the family. However, we had the good fortune to be approached by Karen & Sean, who had shared their lives with Kutchi, their Husky boy, until he went to the Rainbow Bridge, aged 14. They decided that there was room in their hearts for not one, but two Huskies in need of a home, a...nd so it came about that Ace & Lara joined their family recently. We were thrilled to hear from Karen yesterday how she and Sean are 'over the moon' with their decision to adopt them. Heartfelt thanks go to Sam and her family for fostering our darling duo during their SHAMROQ journey.

Happy furrytail ending, Ace & Lara!

They call us Chalk and Cheese. The Odd Couple. Lady & the Tramp. But you can call us Lara & Ace. I’m a dainty little blue-eyed lady with freckles sprinkled across my nose and I’m going to be doing the talking today, because I’m better at sitting still. My gentleman friend, Ace – that big, handsome rogue in the photos with me – is far too busy playing to sit and chat. Although our personalities are different, our love for each other is legendary. We’ve always been together so we need a new home that has enough room in their hearts for a pair. We both adore people and just love to be in your presence. I’m the quieter one, sweet and loyal…your little shadow. Ace is more independent and loves to play. Our foster home has two young children aged 4 & 6 with whom we are very well behaved. We actively seek kids out and enjoy their company, never jumping up on them or being too rough. However, we can’t guarantee the same polite and gentle behaviour with cats and other pocket pets.

With other dogs of all sizes, I’m very social and Ace is mostly social. He doesn’t always get along with other large male dogs, sometimes taking offence if they grumble at him first. He doesn’t enjoy meeting other dogs while on lead either. Speaking of leads, our daily walk is a must. Ace needs an hour’s exercise every day as he has the stamina of a marathon runner and the pulling power of a strongman. I’m easier to handle and wouldn’t mind if I had a shorter walk, but can happily keep up and do the hour with Ace. 5ft high digproof fencing will be a must in our new home to ensure that we’re safely contained. If we can excavate under the fence, you’ll find that we’re likely to roam the neighbourhood looking for adventure when we’re bored in your absence. While we will happily relax outside when you’re at work, we know that inside the house is where the real love is. We’re housetrained and much prefer sleeping inside…after all, that’s where the people are.

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