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SHARMA has found her furrytail ending!

We are thrilled to announce that our little firecracker has found her forever home with Denise & Dale and their lovely Husky boy, Panda! The true heroes of this story are foster Mum, Kristie and her family and also Ros from Pawsitive Connection. We are eternally grateful for their hard work and patience, which has resulted in a fantastic outcome for our little lady.

Happy furrytail ending, Sharma!

Daddy always said that good things come in small packages. Well, my friends, so does dynamite! I may be just about the prettiest, most petite creature you’ve ever seen, with my fox-like physique & lush coat the colours of champagne & rich toffee. But don’t be fooled, for herein lies a firecracker of epic proportions! Sassy, sneaky, stubborn & super-smart, I’m all the things that you’ve heard that my breed is likely to be. I’d do best with someone who has been owned by a Husky or similarly feisty breed before, as my expert level of Huskyliciousness might be a surprise for some. Though I may appear like butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth, if you like your girls spirited, look no further. A companion without personality would be boring, right?

A fickle girl, I can play at being aloof, but it's all a façade. I love your company & will seek you out when it’s time to get my fix of affection.

I could see myself as part of a family with kids, as long as they’re primary school age or older. I’ve been known to sneak up on to kids’ beds & curl up to sleep at their feet. Of course, a diva like me absolutely needs to be allowed inside the house, dahhhhling. I’m not one of those ‘outside-only’ dogs, no sirree. I’ll need a home without cats, chooks or other pocket pets too, as I find them incredibly tempting to caress…with my teeth. My relationships with other dogs are complex, as I never really learned appropriate play & social skills or to read doggy body language. I was rescued along with a male Husky & while we were a bonded pair, it wasn’t a particularly healthy partnership. Being very soft-natured, he was overwhelmed by my larger-than-life personality & I admit that I liked bossing him around. He, on the other hand, didn’t enjoy it as much. So I’m looking for quite a specific canine companion in my new home. He needs to be a calm, confident, well-behaved, medium to large male – preferably a Husky or other Arctic breed. He needs to be older than me…not so old that my boundless energy will annoy him, but still young enough to play with me. He’ll have the right temperament to inhibit me from being pushy, but without picking on me. Not a lot to ask right? Told you I was fickle! I may do fine in a home without another dog, but there would need to be people home more often than not & they’d need to have the stamina to help me burn my impressive stores of energy. Secure fences of a minimum of 5ft & without any gaps are what is required to keep me safely contained. I’m an opportunist & fast, so I’ll squeeze past you and out the door/gate if you don’t have your wits about you at all times. I was once hit by a car during one of my escapes, so you may notice that I limp occasionally when I’ve overdone things but it has not slowed me down. Currently, I’m being walked twice a day, totalling about an hour’s exercise. I’m strong for my size & pull on-lead, as you’d expect from my breed. Other activities I love are running alongside the bike (on-lead at all times of course), running through the water at the beach & in the creek & playing in my clamshell pool. My foster Mum has guided me with the help of a qualified trainer/behaviourist, taking me to one-on-one basic obedience training. They are both available to give advice to my new home on providing me with the structure & consistency that I need. Continued training would be a good idea to keep my mind occupied…lucky for you, I’m easily motivated by food!

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