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SPUNKY has found his furrytail ending!

Every adoption announcement fills us with joy, but this one is extra-special, as it involves the kid who has been with SHAMROQ the longest. 659 days, in fact! In his time with us, Spunky has had 4 different foster homes and many of you have followed his adventures with his most recent foster family via the Husky Life - Jenkins & Spunky page. Did anyone else notice just how much a part of the furniture he'd become? The longer he stayed, the deeper he burrowed himself into the hearts of Kim & Drew's family, including resident Husky, Jenkins. They all finally came to the realisation that they just couldn't part with Spunky. We had secretly hoped that this may happen, but when we got confirmation yesterday, we were all beyond thrilled! Thank you to all the foster families who have been part of the Spunkster's journey and also to his special sponsor, Miss Chompey of Team Subi.

Happy furrytail ending, Spunky!

Spunky by name, spunky by nature, baby! One look into my eyes will confirm that I've got a touch of the crazies about me...just the right amount of crazy, of course. And well, if you know anything about Huskies, you'll know we're all nuts, just in varying degrees! Here's the thing...I may be a Husky, but I feel like something else entirely. Um...I must confess, evidence suggests that I may be at least part dolphin. Firstly, I may have misplaced my howl because all I have is eh-eh-eh-eh as if I was Flipper. Seriously, you've never heard a dog impersonate a dolphin before, have you? Get ready then. Secondly, I'm a waterbaby like you've never seen. Give me a clamshell pool filled with water and I can occupy myself for hours. Lastly, my favourite meal is whole fresh mackerel. Husky x Dolphin isn't that much of a stretch, right? Huskies are ridiculously intelligent, dolphins are too.

A little more about me: I require secure fencing of 5ft or more.

A sweet, loyal kind of guy, I'm happy to be your shadow, though I'm equally content spending time inside and outside the house.

I have been housetrained, but could brush up on my basic obedience. I'm dog-social, though please feed me separately to other dogs so I don't feel that I need to worry about protecting my food. Don't tempt me with cats, birds or other pocket pets. I haven't a malicious bone in my body, but I don't know my strength and I play rough. This means that I am prone to making a game of pouncing and grabbing small things until it's no fun because the 'toy' isn't squeaking any more. Get my drift? Don't be concerned that I'm not gentle enough for kids though. Affectionate and friendly, I have been in foster care with two primary school aged children and have been introduced to an 18 month old, who fed me small pieces of sausage and walked away with all fingers still attached. With energy to burn, I require at least 30 minutes walk per day. However, I'm not the kind of guy who gets cranky or destructive if you miss one day of exercising me. I'm very strong on-lead and in all honesty, would probably do well harnessed up for sledding. Make sure you don't leave your muscles at home when you walk me – you're gonna need 'em!

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