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LATTE has found his furrytail ending!

Wow, this good news has been a loooooong time coming. (In fact, to be specific, it's been almost 2 years in the making!) This kid is one of the sweetest dogs you could hope to meet. However, we believe that two things were standing in the way of him getting adopted.

1. He's not particularly Husky-looking.

2. He's a talented climber who could easily hoist himself over 6ft.

So the family who were destined to be his forever people would have to be able to see past his non-Husky looks (as gorgeous as they are!) to fall in love with his more important attributed; and would have super-secure climbproof 6ft fencing...hmmmmm.where would be find such people?

Well, they were kinda here all along.

On occasion, they borrowed him for sledding weekends (where he excelled!), but since they didn't have the right fencing to keep him in, they always reluctantly returned him to his foster home after the weekend excursion was over. In the meantime, they fostered for us. And adopted their foster dog. They fostered for us again. This time, the foster kid turned out to have extreme fencing needs. But they had already fallen head over heels for him, so they gave their fences a makeover into Fort Knox...and adopted him. They fostered again. Do you really need to be told what happened? Yes, of course. They adopted him.

Remember how we recently announced Thorn/Storm's adoption and told you all about how the adopters had been required to get a permit to adopt a 5th dog, which actually allowed them to have a maximum of 6 dogs? Remember how we joked that an even number would be handy for sledding and that they should totally adopt another dog? Yeah, well guess who has filled that lucky last slot on the permit? Yep, the dog they fell in love with all that time ago. Luckily, Fort Knox has been well and truly tested previously, so we know that it's Latte-proof.

So congratulations to SHAMROQ co-founder, Nicole and her partner, Luke for adding the finishing touch to their sled team of Toohey, Sarge, Bazinga!, Winta & Storm with the addition of Latte. This team has become an absolute force to be reckoned with!

Very, very special thanks must go to Latte's foster carer, Ian, who initially agreed to take Latte 'for a few weeks' but actually opened his home to him for around 12 months! Prior to that, the Allan-Taulilo family also fostered him for approximately the same amount of time, so we are extremely grateful to them also. And finally, Latte's special guardian fur-angel at the Rainbow Bridge, Miss Chompey Heremia-Tarau, in whosed name her loving parents sponsored our boy.

We are thrilled that this most deserving of fellows finally has a permanent home to call his own.

Happy furrytail ending, Latte!

What helps you jump out of bed, ready to face the day? If you’re like a large percentage of the population, you probably answered ‘caffeine’. Well, hello there…I’m Latte & I think I’m up to the task of giving you something wonderful to wake up to. Need some motivation to get moving, get out there & get active? I’ll be your alarm clock, your personal trainer & your best buddy all at once. My happy tail thwack-thwack-thwacking against the bed will tell you “up and at ‘em, sunshine!” & I’ll nudge you with my nose as you put your walking shoes on. Grab that lead & we’ll go adventuring together, smelling the air, listening to the birds & stopping to christen the odd tree or seven (well, I will…you don’t have to). While I’m excited to be out & about, I promise not to be a silly, giddy puppy. In fact, I seldom pull but prefer to trot alongside you, turning occasionally to check that we’re in sync. I'll run or walk for as short or long a time as you like - set the pace & we'll do this together. Alternatively, I love the feeling of the wind in my fur & enjoy being harnesses up to a scooter so I can let loose and show you just how speedy I can be.

Maybe a stop-off at the dog park on the way home might be nice? This is my equivalent to that favourite café where you’re a regular…I like to hang out & catch up with my friends over the water bowl. As soon as you unhook that leash within the safety of the dog park, I’m off at super-speed, running, zooming, playing chasey, pouncing, bouncing, ducking, weaving. I’m in my element there & like to make new friends & show off just how fast I am. I’m a friend to all, where other dogs are concerned. I might growl in excitement or act a little rough with the small dogs, but it’s just play as there’s not a mean bone in my body. I will need another dog or dogs in my new home – the more the merrier - but other animals like birds, lizards, cats or other tasty treats could be on the menu.

While doggy friends rock my world, my heart belongs to the human variety even more. Loyal, loving & smoochy, I adore people of all ages & yearn to be amongst them. I love to be wherever you are - even if it sometimes means napping in the middle of the kitchen floor so you have to step around me. Pats & cuddles are the cream in my coffee. I’m a gentle, sensitive guy who responds best to kindness & love. No sugar required in this particular brew – I’m just as sweet as can be already. While I’m an inside/outside boy, at night I long to be in the house, snuggled up near to you & will happily curl up on your bed if you need a living, breathing teddy bear to cuddle. I would be in heaven where there’s someone home more often than not, but will otherwise cope OK with just canine company while you’re away at work, giving you a warm welcome when you return. However, your fencing will need to be a minimum of 6ft, digproof & climbproof as if I do become anxious about where you’ve got to, I may try to come & find you myself.

An obedient friend, I have basic training & live to please you. I’m a smart cookie & I thrive on the bonding time that we spend together when I’m learning new things or even just being brushed & pampered. I have the get-up-and-go of an espresso when it’s time for us to exercise & play together, but the sweet & soothing warmth of a chai when it’s time to wind down & relax.

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