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SMUDGE (now Mahli) has found her furrytail ending!

Well, it seems that this little lady set everyone's hearts aflame. We had adoption applications from all over the country, making us wish we had enough Smudges for everyone! Alas, our girl is limited edition and only one family could be the lucky ones to take her home. And so it turned out that Brandi made the long drive down from Rockhampton a couple of weeks ago and heade...d home the following day with a furry passenger in tow. We hear reports that the resident kitty has taken up residence on the ironing board in disgust, but Smudge has settled in like she's been there forever. An integral part of her story is of course the people who cared for her so beautifully while she was in foster care. A very, very big thank you goes out to the Zahnow family for lavishing our little lady with love. We know that had timing been different, she would have been staying put, as so many of our foster babes do! Congratulations to Brandi and her kids, Ellie & Cam, on the latest pretty little addition to their family, who is now known as Mahli.

Happy furrytail ending, Mahli!

Believe it or not, the wow factor doesn’t just come from my looks. It’s actually my temperament that will really blow you away. If I do say so myself, I’m just perfection inside and out. My one true desire is to have an active family of my very own, one that will include me in their daily life and allow me to feel like an important part of their home.

I simply adore children and share a close bond with the young’uns belonging to my foster parents. My favourite part of the day is collecting them from school, where upon spying them, I greet them with an excited “howl-o!!!” Because I’m really only just a pup and don’t know my own size, I can tend to play rough, but I never, ever bite. I’m under the impression that I’m actually a lap dog, so I like to snuggle in and pretend that I’m the baby of the family.

I’m open to the idea of living with another dog, but won’t mind being your one and only if you have the time to make me the centre of your attention.

I love having someone around so I don’t feel lonely, but in saying that, I’m also content to be in my own company for a sufficient amount of time. Being a talented jumper means that I’ll need 6ft fences. I’ve lived with cats before, though slow and careful introductions are a must, as I do like the thrill of the chase, which not all cats appreciate. A fun-loving, social gal, I delight in family outings in the car, especially to the beach, where I’ll swim all day long if you let me. I suspect that I may in fact be a fish trapped in a dog’s body, because there’s nothing that I enjoy more than water! At home you’ll find me with my front paws in the water bucket or sitting out in the rain (even in storms!), despite having a nice warm, cosy bed waiting inside. While most dogs aren’t keen on bath time, I relish it, especially the drying part. True to my breed, I’m keen to get out and about with decent daily walks or runs to expend my energy. I’ve learned to sit, shake paws and wait for the signal to eat, but at my tender age, I’m ripe for further training if you’d like to expand on my basic obedience. By exercising my body and my mind, you’ll find that you have a very happy, content, well-balanced companion.

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