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CLOVER has found her furrytail ending!

The lovely Miss Clover has come a long way from the cold concrete pen she inhabited earlier this year in Mackay pound. It was only a matter of time before someone set their eyes upon this beauty...and sure enough, Grant & Melissa fell head over heels for our sweet girl and took her on trial a few weeks ago. However, Melissa was struck down with meningitis soon after and spent some of the trial in hospital. Clover was of course there to welcome her home and oversee her recovery. Melissa tells us that Nurse Clover hasn't left her side since and has been 'melting the hearts of everyone that meets her'. We can't say that we're surprised, though we may be a bit biased!

A big thank you goes to Rob & Lisa for fostering Clover, and of course to their Mally boy, Diamond who is the best foster brother ever (again, there might be a bit of bias there, as he was my own foster dog once upon a time before Rob & Lisa adopted him!). It's wonderful to see our little lady so settled and happy with her new family.

Happy furrytail ending, Clover!

What if there was a dog so adaptable that she would suit a family, a couple, a single person, retirees, a home with other dogs, a home without them? Yep, you’re looking at her! Hi, I’m Clover. If you haven’t owned a Husky or Malamute before, I’d be a great place to start. I don’t have the escape tendencies that my breeds are prone to and my exercise requirements aren’t huge. A short stroll and/or a play in the yard or dog park will be sufficient. Sweet and petite, I’m more Husky-sized than Malamute. Though I’m social with other dogs, I haven’t been around any cats or other pocket pets, so I’m not sure how I’d feel about any in my new home. I’ve met some children at the park though and being the gentle gal that I am, everything went very smoothly.

Super-intelligent, I have the basics down-pat when it comes to obedience and am motivated by your praise (and your treats!). I know the commands of sit, stay, shake, inside, outside and bed. I travel well and enjoy car rides. Housetrained and affectionate, I really do love being inside with you when you’re home. Outside is OK while you’re at work, but my favourite place of all is snuggled up on the couch with you in the evening.

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