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CHU has found his furrytail ending!

Originally adopted out late last year, we were devastated when Chu was returned to us recently (no one more than me, as he was my foster dog and I fell head over heels for him). The timing wasn't right for me personally to take him back into my home, so I was very particular about who I would entrust this special boy to. The Butner-Johnson family has been with SHAMROQ from the very beginning, fostering many dogs for us and being Twilight Sanctuary carers for our sweet old boy, Ike until it was time for him to gain his wings. There was no doubt that Chu would be in good hands with Nicky, Darryl and their girls...though I did feel the need to warn them that they were likely to fall under Chu's spell just like I did and want to keep him! What can I say? My crystal ball is pretty darn accurate. So, with much pleasure (and perhaps some told-you-so smugness), we announce that Chu joins the family's existing dogs, Milly & Juno, to become the Three Mallyteers.

Happy furrytail ending, Chu-bear!

Have you ever been truly loved? Adored? Idolised? Worshipped? Let me show you just what that feels like. I’m Chu and my purpose in life is to be your constant companion. Um, OK, confession time…my need to be wherever you are could be due to the fact that I’m a big baby. There, I said it. Though this baby just happens to be a loving, docile, comical, happy giant, weighing in at over 50kgs. Knowing that you’re nearby sets my mind at ease. I don’t like being alone and tend to tell the whole neighbourhood if you dare to leave me outside and unattended. I’m not a forceful kind of guy, but I’ll be very clear about this being non-negotiable: You must be home more often than not and I must be allowed to live inside the house, ideally even at the rare times when you’re not there. My perfect forever people would be a retired couple or perhaps a family where there’s usually someone around. With a soft spot for the ladies, I bond quickly to women but can be wary of men until I get to know them.

I’m suited to a family with children, though sometimes I forget my size and therefore will need careful supervision around little ones. I can be possessive about food, bones and toys so I absolutely must be separated from small children somewhere that I can’t be disturbed when I have these. In saying that, my manners are lovely when it’s time for the people to eat. I do not beg or snatch. My basic obedience includes old chestnuts such as sit, stay, drop, shake and wait, but feel free to teach me some new tricks. Please don’t attempt to take me off the lead though unless we’re in a securely fenced area like a yard or dog park. Your fences at home need only be a minimum of 4ft in height as I’m not a jumper, climber or digger. Social with medium to large female dogs, I’d consider a home with an easygoing dog fitting that description. Otherwise, I’ll be fine as your one and only special guy. Housemates such as cats, birds and other pocket pets are a definite no-no though. Squeaky toys, tennis balls, belly rubs, car rides, playtime with the hose and being brushed…these are a few of my favourite things. I get very excited when it’s time for dinner, play or walkies. Due to my majestic size though, care must be given to my joints – a half hour walk a day is sufficient. Blessed with an impressive pedigree, I originally came from ethical registered breeders in South Australia, whose contact details will be passed on to my new owners. SHAMROQ and my breeders will be pooling their knowledge and experience to choose the right forever home for me.

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