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LAKOTA has found her furrytail ending!

When this beautiful lady came to us in August last year, she was a mere shadow of the dog you see in these photos. Thin, almost bald and having been used as a source of income for a puppy farmer, she needed a lot of TLC and reassurance. The Kuhn family were the ones to lavish her with love when they welcomed her into their household for as long as it took to find her perfect forever home. Her permanent family came along recently and Lakota has now made herself right at home with Gem & Peter and their playful Malamute boy, Charlie. This previously outside-only gal is now very comfortable up on the human bed, thank you very much! We are tickled pink that our beautiful Lakota is getting the spoiling that she's always deserved. Thank you to Sharon & Wal for the care that they gave her while she was being fostered in their home and congrats to Gem & Peter on their gorgeous new permanent addition!

A very special acknowledgement goes to the lovely Tam, who sponsored Lakota in memory of her darling old Mally gentleman, Kia, who was adopted from SHAMROQ in 2014. We know that Kia will be woooooing at the Rainbow Bridge now, celebrating the fact that another lucky Mally has found a home as wonderful as he did.

Happy furrytail ending, Lakota!

Well hello there! I’m Lakota, SHAMROQ’s resident Yummy Mummy. Despite being used previously by an unscrupulous puppy farmer to line her pockets, I’m happy to report that things are looking up for me since my recent rescue. I was left quite out of condition after my last litter and feeling a little worse for wear, as most new Mums can testify. In fact, I blew my coat completely and went bald, but I’m slowly regaining my beautifully rich auburn coat. No more pups for me, thanks very much. I have empty nest syndrome and couldn’t be happier!

​My sad past has not affected my temperament, which is friendly and easygoing. The only telltale signs are that I don’t like to be contained in cages of any kind and that I can be a little unsure in new and unfamiliar places. After being at the puppy farm out in the sticks, I'm still getting used to the big smoke with its traffic and noise, but I'm coming along in leaps and bounds.

Tipping the scales at 40kg, I’m a tall girl with the long, lanky legs of a supermodel. Due to my size and the fact that I like to swat you with my paw to grab your attention, I’ll need a home where any kids are respectful and aged 7+. I’m dog-social, but prefer those who approach with nice manners rather than get in my face. I may be OK with small dogs if they’re accepting of me and confident with large dogs, but I don’t imagine that cats and I would get along. A home with another dog for company would be my preference, though if you’re home more often than not, I could be happy as an only child. If you do have another dog, you’ll need to walk us at the same time, as I can get upset at being left behind. A short walk every day is sufficient to keep me content.

6ft high fencing would be best for me as I’ve been known to try seeing nosily over the fence. My foster Mum says that I don’t dig underneath but like most Malamutes, have fashioned myself a perfectly Lakota-sized, Lakota-shaped hole in the yard to lie in. I have been raised as an outside dog, but have learned to enjoy inside time as well since I love to be around my people. Dinner time and walkies are very exciting, so you may need to remind me to sit nicely and wait. I’d benefit from some obedience training as this is something that you and I can undertake together and will cement our bond. I love car trips, but only if you promise that our destination isn’t the vet or the groomer! In saying that, I adore being brushed, to the point where I’ll actually drool because I’m in such absolute bliss. Tummy rubs are a must as I’m a real snuggler. I’ll be sure to make you laugh too as I’m a bit of a magpie, gathering ‘treasures’ of your shoes and the like – never chewing them, but just placing them gently in my bed. If you’re looking for a lovely lady with personality plus, please click Apply below to submit an adoption application.

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