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TYSON has found his furrytail ending!

Tyson sure does have the luck of the Irish (appropriate that he came to SHAMROQ then, right?). At only 18 months of age, it was looking like his short life was going to end way too soon. We reached out to help him, though we knew that there may be a lot of time and effort in readying him for a new home. There was just one (very large) obstacle. Where on earth were we going to find an Akita-experienced foster carer who didn't have any dogs of their own?

Along came an angel in disguise - Dean, an avid Akita enthusiast who had sadly lost his own treasured boy, Hunter much too soon. We can not emphasise enough that Dean was literally the difference between life and death for Tyson. Over a period of months, they grew an amazing bond and our big, boofy goofball was ready for a home of his own.

We were looking for a very special home for Tyson, but even our high hopes were exceeded when we heard from Jodie and Andrew. They had loved and lost their previous Akitas and were ready to welcome a new addition. The catch? They were in Melbourne and Tyson doesn't like being confined to small spaces, so a flight was out of the question. Jodie & Andrew flew up to meet him one weekend and decided that they had found their new baby. Showing their absolute commitment to this beautiful boy and his needs, they then flew up to Brisbane again the following weekend and drove him all the way home to Melbourne! Tyson has started obedience classes and settled in beautifully as part of his new family. He came into rescue after everything that could go wrong for him did...and then everything right happened with his introductions to Dean and then Jodie and Andrew. We could not be more happy for him if we tried.

Happy furrytail ending, Tyson!

Whaddya mean I’m not a Husky or a Malamute? Well, duh! Of course not. I am, however, every bit as handsome, powerful, intelligent, headstrong…and OK, goofy…as my Arctic cousins. Us Akitas are a special bunch & therefore require some equally special people to understand our quirks & share their lives with us. I will say before we go any further, that I’m looking for something quite specific in my new home - a breed-experienced owner, a confident handler who will give me the clear & consistent guidance that I need. They’ll understand that I’m one part playful, affectionate pup & one part dignified, feisty, independent, stubborn tester of boundaries!

I’ve had the good fortune to land on all four paws in a wonderful Akita-experienced foster home, where my carer has spent a lot of one-on-one time training me. I have mastered basic commands such as sit, down, stay, stop, high-five & shake. It helps that I’m highly treat-motivated!

A consultation with a SHAMROQ-affiliated trainer will be included in my adoption fee to ensure that the transition to my new home is a smooth one. I’d really like to attend further obedience training with my new human as a way to cement our bond & establish a healthy mutual respect.

If you’ve been owned by an Akita before, you’ll know that we’re fiercely loyal & usually prefer being inside the house where the people we adore hang out. You see, we aren’t overly trusting of strangers & can be territorial. I rarely bark, but will certainly let you know if someone is approaching the house or loitering nearby. Although I’ll do fine in the back yard while you’re at work, I don’t appreciate being left outside for long periods if you’re home. Let me in please! I’d suit either a single person or couple, but any kids in the home should be of high school age & dog-savvy. I’ve never lived with other dogs, so I’d be happy to be the sole recipient of your attention, or if you have a medium to large female dog who’s not a real in-your-face, bossy type, that might be a match. I’ll need to be fed separately from any other dogs though. I’ve never lived with cats & I’m not sure that now is the time to start. A moderately active guy, I love my daily walks of about 30 minutes, plus some play time. (Toys that can be squeaked, chewed or fetched are my favourites!) Remember that obedience is also a form of exercise & will help me to exert myself mentally…a tired dog is a good dog! Outings are always fun, but I must admit that it’s the destination that I love & not the actual travel. I can be a little anxious in the car, but I’m improving. I’ll need 6ft fences in my new home, as I do have the potential to jump. Sometimes I try my paw at digging a little, though I soon give up when I find that I’m not getting anywhere. After a lovely, gradual weight gain of 8kgs whilst in foster care, I now weigh in at a solid but streamlined 40kgs. I’ve been thriving on a delicious & varied raw diet & my foster Dad can give advice to my new home on this to ensure my continued health & happiness.

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