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SAKARI has found her furrytail ending!

Lovely Sakari has found herself a wonderful home down south. Her new Mum, Adelle has been a blessing for our girl, who has unfortunately had a flare-up of her previous skin condition.

SHAMROQ and Adelle have worked together to get her treated by a highly respected vet in Canberra and we're pleased to say that she's improving. We're very grateful to Adelle for the dedication that she has shown Sakari throughout this time and we know that our girl is in the best hands. Meanwhile, she has been settling in beautifully and making herself very much at home, even tentatively getting to know the resident cat! Thank you to her carers, Che & Ruth.

Happy furrytail ending, Sakari.

The meaning of my Native American name is ‘sweet one’ and it couldn’t be more accurate. (Unless there’s a Native American word for ‘big, sweet, furry teddybear who loves belly rubs’…) Pardon my shaggy ‘do…when I was first rescued, my skin was raw and my coat was scattered with bald spots, but now my hair is in that awkward in-between ‘growing out a bad haircut’ stage. I’m getting fluffier by the day! If a calm, easygoing, loving dog is your style, look no further. I could adapt to several different scenarios – you see, I’d be just as content being part of a young family as I would living with retirees. I love kids and I’m very gentle with the resident six year old in my foster home. Housetrained and human-focused, I prefer to be inside rather than out, as I adore being near people as much as possible. My idea of pure bliss is to be able to sleep at your feet.

I enjoy the company of other dogs and could see myself living with a medium to large male one. I admit finding those pesky young’uns a bit annoying with their hyperactivity though, so a dog that is mature or a little more low-key would be ideal.However, if you’re home more often than not, I’d quite happily lap up your attention as the only dog of the household. Cats aren’t something I know a lot about, so I’m not sure whether I’d be open to living with one or not. If you haven’t been owned by a Malamute before, I’d be a lovely introduction to the breed. With basic obedience under my belt, I know the commands of sit, no, shake hands and to wait for your OK before I eat. I’m not fussy with my food and don’t display any diva-like temper tantrums, so my temperament is always even and happy. My exercise needs aren’t excessive and a stroll in the coolness of the early morning or the evening will be a highlight in my day. I’m not an escape artist - unlike so many others of my breed - and will happily stay within 5ft fences. I love car trips, cuddles, sneaky treats and to chat animatedly to you about my day. You won’t be able to resist my soulful eyes that have a thousand tales to tell.

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