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BLITZ has found her furrytail ending!

Blitz has settled happily into her new life with Kieron, Laura & their kids. We're very grateful to her foster carers, Claire & Sean, for the fantastic job they did with this little lady.

Happy furrytail ending, Blitz!

Do you like to pound the pavement? Are you a lover of the great outdoors? Could you do with some company while you're keeping yourself in tip top shape? If you answered yes, yes and yes, then I'm Blitz and I'm your new training partner.

Let's face it, exercising with a friend is always more fun than doing it on your own. Currently, my foster Mum and I are walk-ing 30-60 minutes in the morning and then running in the even-ing when it's cooler for another 30-60 minutes. Being a mix of two active working breeds, it's important that I'm receiving enough physical and mental stimulation to keep me satisfied. Twice daily workouts mean that the time in between, when you're likely to be at work, can be my quiet time. I'll be happy to explore the yard, roll in the cool grass and rest in the shade until it's time to welcome nyou home later with much excitement.

With my exercise needs being met, fencing of 5ft or higher will be sufficient to keep me contained. I don't dig to escape, but I'm likely to excavate a nice comfy dirt-bed for myself somewhere out of the heat of the day, like under the stairs. Don't be alarmed, this is perfectly normal for my breed as a way to keep cool.

Whilst I'm the outdoorsy type, I also love being inside the house and will adoringly follow you from room to room, content to be your shadow. I've learned that in the house is where you keep the tasty food, like my favourites, peanut butter and chicken. (I also have a sweet tooth for cake...surely we can find something to celebrate!)

An affectionate girl, I melt into you for a cuddle and my favourite spot is right next to you on the couch. I promise that you'll never be in doubt as to just how much I love you. Belly rubs are my favourite thing, so I'll cheekily plonk myself down on your feet and roll over to tell you that I need a loving tummy scratch.

Although I haven't lived with kids, I have met some nice ones and I think I could be part of a family situation, perhaps with some older kids who might even burn some of my boisterous energy by playing with me in the back yard.

Even though I've loved all the humans who have crossed my path, I'm much pickier about dogs. I can be OK with some other dogs after careful, gradual introductions, but I'd much prefer to be the centre of your universe and not have to share you at all. Small dogs and cats are definitely not on my list on possible friends.

A fast learner, I already know basic commands such as sit, stay and outside. My sharp intelligence would be conducive to further training, which is a great way to stimulate me mentally and create an even better bond with you.

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