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BOO has found his furrytail ending!

If anything, Boo's story highlights that timing is everything. Had he not been shaved prior to being impounded, we would have had his professional photos taken some time ago, his profile published and he would have been snapped up in a jiffy by one of the many applicants who were enamoured with him.

Just as we were sifting through the piles of applications, the pound called. They had been contacted by Boo's frantic owner, Shai, who had left him with his housemates while he was overseas for an extended period. He had not been aware until his return that the housemates (who were the ones who had shaved Boo) had been evicted and had dumped Boo at the pound.

Shai was very distressed, but relieved when we told him that Boo was safe and well and was in the care of excellent, breed-experienced foster parents.

We liaised with the foster family, the pound and Boo's registered breeder before coming to a decision. As he could provide proof of ownership and the situation was clearly not of his doing, we knew that the right thing was to send Boo home to his Dad. There was an emotional reunion late last night and the pair were very happy and relieved to be back together.

We know that there have been many applicants for Boo who were disappointed to read their emails this morning and find that he was no longer available and we thank them for their understanding. Boo's foster parents, Marcus and Melissa, have been absolutely amazing under these unusual circumstances. They were sad to see him go, but seeing Shai and Boo's reaction to being together once more helped to ease their heartache. It may have been a little different to our normal adoptions, but in any case...

Happy furrytail ending, Boo!

Referring to someone as your ‘Boo’ is a term of endearment and well, I’m everyone’s darling. A real sweet, affectionate teddybear who adores everyone I meet. I’m sure you can see why the feeling is mutual too!

Teddies are much too precious to be kept outside, so I must be allowed inside the house. I’ll happily explore the yard while you’re at work, but I’d much prefer to spend the time that you’re home actually in your presence. I’m what’s known as a velcro dog – wherever you are, I like to be right there with you. While my breed can be known for being vocal, I’m generally a placid kind of guy, though you’ll hear that famous Samoyed bark when I welcome you home or when you mention the ‘w’ word. You might have to outsmart me by spelling it out! Speaking of which, I currently enjoy 1-2 W-A-L-K-S daily. My friendly nature means that I adore playing with other dogs and would like the company of one (or more!) in my new home please. Gentle with children, I’d be a wonderful family addition but would do best with children of primary school age and over. I haven’t displayed any digging or jumping tendencies, so fencing 4ft high and over should be fine. My obedience and manners are lovely…I come to my name, sit and stay on command and won’t even start eating until you say that I’m allowed. All this might make it sound like I’m a low-maintenance kind of guy, but don’t be lulled into a false sense of security. Let’s talk about grooming. This dazzling white colour takes some work to be achieved – especially since I like playing in the dirt and burying my bones! The photos in my profile are progress shots. Unfortunately, I was previously owned by someone unprepared to keep my coat looking its best and I was shaved when it all became too hard to manage. This is a BIG no-no for a Samoyed. My coat is only half grown back now and when it’s done, I’ll have a very large, full, thick, high-maintenance coat. Please be honest with yourself – if you don’t have the time and stamina to do regular extensive grooming (or the funds to pay someone else to do it for you) – I’m not the guy for you. And if you own a pair of clippers, put them away, burn them, bury them…just whatever you do, don’t bring them anywhere near me and my beautiful coat! I have so much going for me that competition is going to be fierce amongst those who’d like to welcome me into their family. Please feel free to apply, but understand that my adoption is not on a first-come, first-served basis as the most suitable home will be the one chosen for me.

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