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HACHI has found his furrytail ending!

When Josh contacted us recently and said that his family had started getting 'the second Mally itch', we knew exactly what he meant. These dogs can be addictive and one is rarely enough! They had adopted their first Malamute, Khaleesi from us 7 months ago and they wondered if Hachi might be just the playmate she was looking for. So off he went down to their home in NSW to find out.

We're pleased to report that it was a match!

We are indebted to Chris & Sarah, who opened their home and hearts to Hachi as his foster parents, and also to Sonya & Chris who sponsored him.

Happy furrytail ending, Hachi!

Are you a sucker for a goofy, affectionate dreamboat who loves to look into your eyes and croon lovesongs? Look no further. Hachi’s the name and smoochin’s my game.

Being wherever you are makes me happy, as I’m a laidback dude who just loves human company. I won’t leave your side as I happily chat to you about what’s going on in my world, in exchange for all the pats and attention that you can spare. I strive to be a part of everything you do and will try and lend you a helping paw if I can. I’ll follow you wherever you go and while some outside time is OK, inside time with you each day is a must…preferably on the lounge.

Don't be fooled into thinking that I'm a couch potato, though. Being a young fella, playful is my default setting! I enjoy daily walks, running around like a silly billy, playing fetch and games of tug-o-war. I can jump quite high so a 6ft fence is a must.

A friendly, playful dog will be a good match for me. She should be female, medium to large in size and ready to play! I’m not too sure whether I could live with a cat though because they smell so darn tasty. I’m gentle with kids and fairly obedient. I know sit, drop, roll over and I know to shake paw at dinner time. I can get a little excited and carried away when it’s time for walkies or when I see another dog but hey, perfection is boring, right? We’ve all got to have a vice or two.

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