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BEBOP has found his furrytail ending!

Congrats to Bebop for finding a great home up in Monto with his new best mate, Jim!

Melanie and family did a fabulous job of fostering him and our thanks also go to Christina for sponsoring him during his stay with us.

Happy furrytail ending, Bebop!

I’m jazzy, I’m snazzy, I’m hip and groovy. I’m music to your ears…and they call me Bebop! A bit of a showpony, I’m used to being told how striking my markings are and I just adore being the centre of attention. Your love, pats and hugs are the melody to my bassline, the rhythm to my blues. People make my world go ‘round and my idea of heaven is couch snuggles with you or falling asleep on the floor with my head in your lap. (I’ve been accused of being a very, very big sook…can you believe it?) If you start patting me and then stop, I’ll give you a little nudge with my paw…if that doesn’t get you to start again, I’ll give you both paws before pulling out the big guns if needed and just climbing into your lap. I enjoy sharing my musical talents and will sing to you if you ask nicely.

I prefer to spend most of my time indoors and don't appreciate being put outside when I'm perfectly comfortable, thank you very much. This is when you’ll see the Husky tantrum come into play – I’ll throw myself on the floor and make my body as heavy as possible so you can’t move me – or I’ll get up and run in the opposite direction. The funny thing is that once I’m outside, I’m quite happy to find a spot in the shade and lie down quietly. I’m way too cool for jumping or digging, so 5ft fences will be sufficient for me. Since I like to be the leader of the band, I’ll do best living with other dogs who’ll let me run the show and set the tempo when it’s time to play. After careful introductions, my style is typical Husky play – chasing, bowling over and boisterous games. However, I’m willing to be a solo act and be your one and only if you’re home more often than not. I need a home without cats or other pocket pets. A gentle fellow, I am however quite a big boy. I could unintentionally knock a small child over in my excitement, but careful supervision should take care of that. I’ve been taught to sit and wait for my food and to take treats gently from your hand. Not being interested in much exercise may just be the reason behind me carrying a little extra weight. Short daily walks are enough to satisfy me, though I do pull on lead – hey, I’m a Husky, what do you expect? I’ll chase a ball momentarily and then decide to just come back and sit beside you instead. I’d much prefer for you to grab a brush and start pampering. I’ll lie there compliantly as you primp, preen, spin me around, flip me over and do whatever’s needed to have me looking my best. My ideal home would be a family environment where there’s someone home most of the day to keep me company. The more people in my fan club, the better as I love strutting around the lounge room and sitting with each person for five minutes to lap up their attention before moving on to the next.

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