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ARCHIE has found his furrytail ending!

Doesn't Archie look pleased with himself? And so he should...he did a fine job of settling in with his foster family, to the point where they decided that his attendance at the photo shoot for adoption pics was not required! This was Karen, Brendan & Erinn's first go at fostering - and we'd whispered in Archie's ear that if he played his cards right, it might just be their last. Being the good boy that he is, he listened and put a crafty plan into action to stay. This involved a fair bit of cuddling and smooching...but who could resist him? Archie has now been renamed Hachi. The most beautiful part of this story is his new friendship with the family's existing Husky boy. 10 year old Dooki had been feeling very blue after recently losing his sister, but since Hachi's arrival in the household, he's back to being a lively young man! The two boys have become firm friends. Happy furrytail ending, Hachi!

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