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JASMINE has found her furrytail ending!

Soooo...what's better than one Husky x Kelpie? Why, TWO of course! You would have just read about how Karl & Michelle fell for Socks and decided that their family wouldn't be complete without another dog to join them as well. Therefore, please meet Socks' new sister! Jasmine is one of the sweetest, most sociable, well-behaved dogs we've ever met. BUT...she has one little quirk that makes her incompatible with most homes. She can sail over 6ft fences. So Karl & Michelle purpose-built Fort Knox from taller-than-Andre-the Giant Colorbond panels in order to adopt her. What a lucky girl to find a family so committed! Thank you to the Gatica family for fostering her. We know that she will always have a place in your hearts.

Happy furrytail ending, Jasmine!

Have you ever come face to face with perfection? Maybe you have…and you just don’t know it yet. You might have been searching for a dog that looks a little different to what I do, but overlooking me could mean that you miss out on one of the most amazing dogs ever. Purebreds are pretty & all, but here’s a list of reasons why your ideal dog may be hiding in this somewhat more unique clothing…

I would fit into a multitude of different home situations – whether you’re single, a couple or a family. A warm, affectionate girl, I bond to my people quickly & easily. There’s only one way to describe me with kids of all ages…bombproof. Being a placid & tolerant young lady, I adore their company. In fact, my best friend in my foster home is a 4 year old little boy. He gives me commands, which I happily obey, he feeds me, leads me around the house & yard & brushes & washes me. We can

often be found exploring the yard together, playing endless games, hanging out on the trampoline or sitting quietly having a cuddle. I’m always calm & gentle with him, never jumping or nipping. Not having a possessive bone in my body, I don’t mind sharing my toys (even when I was playing with them first!). My idea of bliss is curling up on the end of his bed so we can nod off together & dream of where tomorrow’s adventures might take us. You don’t have to be a little person to gain my loyalty and affection though. My heart is so big that you’d be surprised that it even fits inside this petite little package! I love all people & also other dogs. Non-reactive & playful, nothing fazes me. I make new friends easily & an energetic doggy playmate will be essential in my new home. In typical Husky fashion though, cats & birds pique my interest, so I’ll need a home without small pets. With both Husky & Kelpie genes, I’m a natural athlete so an active owner is a must. Happiest with around an hour’s walk or run daily, I reckon the higher the intensity, the better! You probably didn’t picture your new personal trainer looking like me, huh? In saying that, I’m not the demanding type nor the kind of dog that will start destroying things if you miss a couple of days of exercise. My behaviour is impeccable. I have already mastered basic obedience - come, sit, wait etc - but would excel at more training as I’m a fast learner, very responsive & aim to please. My unique breed blend means that I’ve been blessed with both sharp intelligence & natural athletic ability. Harness my potential - maybe even literally – and see whether you might have a sledding, agility or flyball superstar on your hands. My aforementioned super-athleticism means that I’m a talented jumper & climber. For this reason, my new home will require climbproof fencing (Colorbond, concrete, anything without horizontal beams or footholds) of 6ft or higher. This also means that unless your dog park has very high, secure fences, I’m likely to go over the top if I see something interesting on the other side. My ability to get over fences has been absolutely the only reason why I’ve found myself surrendered to a pound in the first place. If you have suitable fencing though, you’ll find that I’m the perfect companion in every way. I’m an inside/outside dog but I wouldn’t be happy as solely either – I like both the great outdoors & sneaking up on the couch for a cuddle with you. (With a short Kelpie coat, grooming is a quick job & hair inside the house is no problem!) I’m crate-trained though, if you prefer for me to sleep separately to you, rather than curled up at your feet on the bed. I really am an all-rounder – for all the running, playing fetch & tug-o-war, I have a laidback lounge lizard side that loves snuggling, lounging, sunbaking & car rides.

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