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SOCKS has found her furrytail ending!

Almost 8 months ago to the day, Socks and her brother Winta came to us from the pound. As you may recall from the story in Winta's adoption profile, these 2 dogs weren't pets...they were wild animals! After many months of hard work by their foster families, they were finally ready for adoption. Fast-forward to October's RSPCA Big Adopt Out event, where Socks accompanied us to meet an adoring public. Many people came to ooh and ahh over the dogs, though Socks was largely ignored - except for a few compliments about her 'wicked eyes'. There was an exception though. While everyone else fussed over the purebreds, Karl & Michelle were drawn to Socks. They lingered, they spoke to us for a very long time to get a good understanding of Socks and her needs, they went away, they came back...they were smitten. The problem was that though they were ready, their fences were not. They vowed that when the fencing was complete on their new property, they'd be back in touch with us to see if there was a suitable dog to adopt.

When we posted in mid-December that Socks was in need of a new foster home, Karl & Michelle got back in touch and asked if we'd consider them to look after her if they could build a suitable fence. The plan was that if things worked out well, Socks would have herself a permanent home. The ending to this one is predictable, we know! Though there is one little twist. Karl & Michelle really had their hearts set on adopting TWO this space for a 2nd announcement! A very big thank you to Bev, Phil, Shannon & Pavan for putting in the hard yards with our lovely Miss Socks and turning her into a much better doggy citizen during her time in foster care. And thanks to the Heremia-Tarau furbabies for her sponsorship.

Happy furrytail ending, Socks!

Striking, stunning and unique…my looks aren’t exactly run-of-the-mill. From my white stockinged feet to the blaze upon my chest, my soft, silky coat to my jaunty ear, my bi-eyed beauty is exotic and mysterious. I’m an athletic, friendly girl, who is often mistaken for a boy! While I love to be around people, I’m also dog-social with those my size and larger. I’m used to living in a home with another dog or two.

Though I have suffered with a little separation anxiety in the past, my foster carers have been working on building up the length of time that I’m happy to be left alone. However, I’m much more content to be left if I have the company of another dog, especially a calm one. But hey, if you’re home more often than not, that would be great too.

My Huskiness means that I’ll need solid fencing of 5ft or higher, without any gaps that I can squeeze through. It also means that I have a naturally high prey drive, so small dogs and cats send my excitement level through the roof. My new home will have neither. I’ve had limited contact with children, but in our few meetings, I seem not to be fazed by them in the least. While I’m housetrained and currently sleep inside in a crate, I’m equally happy to be outside in the yard or hanging out on the verandah. I’m no lounge lizard though and enjoy my daily walks and playing with toys. If bored or stressed, I can get up to mischief, so those Husky genes aren’t too far from the surface, despite my looks. My carers have done a wonderful job of bringing my excitement level down and giving me some routine and a foundation of basic obedience. Ideally, I’d like a home that will continue my training. I’m willing to please and a quick learner.

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