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VANCE has found her furrytail ending

This beautiful soul joined us at several SHAMROQ events during her time in foster care because she was just so consistent and reliable. Little dogs, big dogs, toddlers, cats, even birds...she was calm and gentle around them all. While she may have been repeatedly overlooked because she didn't look like a 'typical' Malamute, her serene personality was one of a kind. We knew that it would be a very lucky person indeed who saw her for what she was - a simply amazing dog. So today, we congratulate Ellie on being the person who fell for Vance and gave her her forever home. Vance is now living the dream with new friends, Lola the Cattle Dog and Tatum the cat. Foster Mum, Candice did a fantastic job as she always does and we thank her very much for the love and care she provided our darling girl over the last 4 months.

Happy furrytail ending, Vance!

I hope you’re ready to have your pre-conceptions challenged …I’m Vance and I may not be quite what you’re expecting! First of all, despite my name, I’m a lady. Secondly, although I’m very big, there’s no reason to feel intimidated…I promise you that there’s not an aggressive bone in my body. A friend to everyone I meet, I’m social with dogs of all sizes and have been non-reactive in the presence of cats and livestock. And lastly, throw away your ideas about a dog my age being ready to slow down and sleep the days away. No, sirree…I’d love an active home. I hope you have lots of energy, as I’m a long way off retirement yet!

With long legs to rival those of Naomi Campbell (but with a much friendlier disposition than her, if I do say so myself!), I love to run and I’m currently taking my foster Mum on two brisk walks/jogs a day. A minimum of 45-60 minutes exercise a day will be sufficient for the athlete in me. Dog park visits are a highlight too, as I love to meet new dogs and new people. Some people can be put off at first because of my size and the fact that I smile to greet them…I mean no harm at all and simply want to show them my beautiful pearly whites that belong on a dog half my age. My new friends soon realise that there’s not a shred of meanness in me at all and I’m actually a big snugglebug. I’ve met small children in the park and not been bothered in the least, but calmer kids are more my style than overenthusiastic ones. I’m not all that keen on thunderstorms or loud noises, though being very human-focused, having you nearby reassures me at those times. Initially, I can be a little unsure in new places, but once I settle, you couldn’t ask for a sweeter, calmer girl. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by my lovely manners and basic obedience – I sit and shake on command and when asked to wait on or return to my mat, I obey. Must be that the compliant Shepherd genes have overruled the defiant Mally ones! I love to give cuddles and would be a lap dog if I could just fold up these long legs of mine to fit! Not a digger or jumper, as long as I’m getting the attention and exercise that I require, I’m satisfied to hang out in the yard while you’re at work. When you’re home though, I just want to be where the people are, so of course I’m immaculately housetrained. Following my foster Mum like a shadow, she draws the line at allowing me to follow her into the toilet. Getting up close and personal with my beloved people is my thing, but I guess that some things must remain sacred!

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