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DAGGER has found his furrytail ending!

This guy was never going to get an adoption profile. That was clear from the start. When Nicky & Darryl collected Dagger from the Sunshine Coast pound, I got a text prior to them transporting him to his foster home in Brisbane: "Do we reeeeeally have to bring him down?" However, they did indeed bring him to Brisbane and dropped in to my place so I could lay eyes on 'the perfect dog'. Truer words were never spoken. He was well-mannered, sweet, obedient, gentle, calm, handsome, dog-friendly, cat-friendly, child-friendly and the list went on... This was going to be a difficult one for any foster carer to part with, let alone a first-time carer! Foster Mum Liz adored him on first sight and he was just gorgeous towards her pup, Arya and cats, Jack, Hunter & Whiskers. Within 24 hours, the words 'the perfect dog' had been uttered once again. Well, you can't improve on perfection, but you can adopt it! Therefore, congratulations are in order. Sorry that we set you up to be a foster-failure, Liz, but we reckon it was for the best, don't you?

Happy furrytail ending, Dagger!

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