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ALASKA has found her furrytail ending!

We received a lot of applications for Alaska. It's not hard to see why! Many people had their hearts set on this little cutie, but we really felt that she needed a specific kind of home. When Steve & Alecia's application came in, we knew that they ticked all the boxes for Alaska's needs.

Steve & Alecia actually adopted from us recently - or more to the point, they fostered Rusty the Malamute X German Shepherd pup (Jynkx's son) and couldn't bear to part with him! Rusty & Alaska are inseparable, playing games of zoomies and bitey-face all day long, before cuddling up together for a snooze. They occupy each other while older brother and sister, Buddy & Mya and feline siblings, Danno & Smooch look on.

A very big, heartfelt thank you to Rob & Cherie for fostering Alaska and helping to bring her out of her shell. It's so lovely to see this little lady settled and comfortable in such a wonderful forever home.

Happy furrytail ending, Alaska!

Named after the ancestral home of the long line of Malamutes who came before me, I am Alaska. With my first birthday on the horizon in December, I've written a little birthday wish list:

1. A big brother...I find that having an easygoing, friendly dog around is reassuring;

2. A home where I'm allowed inside the house where the people are, because I need to feel like an important part of your family;

3. People who are home more often than not, as being left alone all day every day would make me feel anxious;

4. Secure 5ft fences...I have been known to dig, but not under the fences to escape, however I'm an opportunist, so gates must have secure latches!

5. Two walks or runs a day to meet my energetic puppy needs...I also love being hooked up to the scooter in the cooler months!

I'm a sweet, friendly girl who just needs a little help to grow confidence. Sensitive to the energy around me, I need to be in a loving home as I am easily affected by negative and aggressive behaviour, regardless of whether it's actually directed at me. While I'm house-trained, I may toilet inside if I'm feeling anxious, so please, no yelling or forceful behaviour.

Still a baby, the world is my oyster and I'm ripe for training. Positive training methods are the only way to gain my trust and build my confidence. I know the basic commands of sit, wait, down, away, but can display typical Mally stubbornness when called to come! For this reason, I should not be let off-leash unless in a securely fenced environment like a yard or dog park. Speaking of which, I'm dog-friendly and enjoy socialising with others at the park or beach.

I'm fine with children, though perhaps primary school aged and over would be best, as I can sometimes jump up when I'm excited. I've had limited exposure to a cat in my foster home and I was curious and friendly. I didn't chase or show any aggression (even when I was paw-swiped!), but slow, careful introductions will be the way to go if you have a kittycat in your home.

I have so much love to you have some to give me in return?

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