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CHARLI has found her furrytail ending!

Well, what a journey. What a transformation. Charli came to us a very timid, anxious girl - sensitive to loud noises and sudden movements - but just look at her now! We had a lot of adoption interest in this beautiful lady, but we needed to be sure that her new family could accept that her past had been traumatic and that they may need to take things slowly to gain her trust. Along came Sarah, Ben & Riley. Brokenhearted at the recent loss of their Malamute girl, Missy, they approached us, wanting to lavish all that love upon another dog in need. They had their eye on a few girls, but the one they kept coming back to was Charli.

At first, we were cautious. How would a skittish dog who we weren't sure had been around children, fit into a family with a 5 year old? We needn't have worried. Riley is an old soul and Charli warmed to him straight away at their meet and greet, choosing to approach him herself and make friends. The trial period began...and Sarah contacted us within hours to ask "Do we really have to do a full two week trial? We're already in love!" We were mean enough to make her wait it out, just to be sure that Charli, her Shepherd fur-bro, Shadow and the family were all OK with this new arrangement. Of course, things couldn't have gone smoother and Charli has slotted in like she's always been there. The heroes in this story are Charli's amazing foster parents, Adam & Rhonda. Full credit goes to them and their trusty Mally sidekicks, Rufus & Mischa for bringing this gorgeous girl out of her shell. Despite plenty of discussion on whether they could actually part with Charli and a few tears shed, they decided that her true home was with the Lawson family and they selflessly let her go. This little lady sure did land on all four paws when her previous owner dumped her in the overnight box at the pound. Perfect foster home, perfect forever home and a lifetime of love to come. We think that Missy would definitely approve.

Happy furrytail ending, Charli!

Pull up a comfy chair, everyone. I have a fairytale to share with you all. Are you ready? Once upon a time, there was a sad, dirty, timid dog named Charli. She lived in a horrible place where she was kept imprisoned to have puppies for a wicked villain to sell for bags of gold. One night, under the cover of darkness, Charli was taken to the pound & left in the overnight box where cowardly people can anonymously dump their dogs… Wait, you look worried, so I’m going to interrupt this story & tell you that it’s all going to end up OK. She didn’t know it then, but going to the pound was the best thing that had happened in Charli’s young life so far.

A lovely foster family took Charli in & cleaned her up. Lo & behold, under all that dirt & matted fur, was a dazzlingly beautiful princess! Despite her Cinderella transformation, Charli still felt very nervous & scared inside. She was cautious of things that were new to her & sudden movements, loud noises or yelling were enough to make poor Charli shake & cower. What Charli was yet to learn was that her foster family had some very special presents to give her. One by one, they bestowed upon her the gifts of their love, time, patience, consistency & a pair of extra-special furry godparents in the form of their two Malamutes, who reassured Charli that she was safe & could trust these wonderful people.

Like magic, the unhappy, frightened feelings began to melt away & like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon, the new Charli emerged. Cheeky, chatty Charli! After such a gloomy start to her life, this little lady had finally found her inner puppy & she grew the confidence to try new things. Her foster family taught her to sit, to respond to her name, to take treats gently without snatching & to come when they whistled at the dog park. Charli was a smart girl & picked things up easily. She found that she loved toys - which she had never had before - & playing chasey (sometimes after she had cheekily stolen a shoe!). She learned that inside the house was the place to be for cuddles & quickly housetrained herself to take full advantage. She found her voice & began to talk when she was feeling excited or playful…it turned out that she had an opinion on most things & wasn’t afraid to share it! Despite never having seen a lead before, once introduced, she discovered that she loved to go walking. She was nervous on her own & didn’t know how to walk in a straight line, but when accompanied by the other dogs, it soon became one of her favourite things to do. If you haven’t guessed by now, I am Charli & this is my story. It’s not over yet & you just might be the one to provide my happily ever after. You see, I’m indebted to my foster family for everything they’ve done for me, but it’s time to find my forever home now. In my daydreams, this is what it looks like…a person or family who will demonstrate patience and TLC while I warm up to them; an energetic medium to large male dog that loves to play rough and tumble and bitey-face (though you’ll need to feed us separately); maybe some older kids (if any); a yard with room to run & explore & with minimum 5ft fences; & an active lifestyle as I’ll take as much exercise as you can give me!

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