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CADE (now Kade) has found his furrytail ending!

Have you ever noticed just how much fate and perfect timing seem to feature in our adoption stories? Cade's is no different. His foster Mum, Maria, had been doing a great job of looking after him, his photos had been taken by Lynn from Pup & Co. Photography, and we were just about to write his adoption profile, when unfortunately, circumstances meant that Maria could no longer foster. The same day, we received an email from Desna & Randy. They figured that we had a pretty good idea of the dynamics at their place, since we matched them up with their other two Huskies, Koda and Kiska. They had seen Cade's photo on our website and asked if we thought that he might be a match for them. Our answer was a resounding yes!

Surprise, surprise, we were right :) So to fit in with Koda and Kiska, Cade has transformed into Kade (affectionately known as Kado). We could not have asked for a better family for our boy - he's just such a special guy and deserved the very best.

Happy furrytail ending, Kade!

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