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SUGAR has found her furrytail ending!

We knew that there was a possibility that Sugar may not leave her foster home! Angie & Josh had visited the pound while she was there and they had their eye on her then. When they were told that she was being transferred to a rescue, they stalked us until Sugar's divine little face showed up on our page looking for a carer and BOOM! There was their big chance to jump in and see if she might be a match for them.

We warned them that Sugar might be a typical Husky and therefore a bit much for their Pomeranian x, Nero. We needn't have worried...guess who's inseparable now? So today, Sugar officially became the 8th member of the family. Congrats to Angie, Josh, Nero, their parrots, Malachite & Indigo and turtles, Squirt & Splosh on their beautiful new addition. ​

Happy furrytail ending, Sugar!

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