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LASER has found his furrytail ending!

We're big believers in things working out just how they're meant to. When Mark & Michelle put in an application to adopt Whiskey, they were disappointed to hear that her adoption was already in progress. We suggested that perhaps they'd like to foster - a win-win situation in that they could help us save a life and at the same time, they could get some hands-on breed experience before making any decisions on adoption. They kindly jumped in immediately to help us with Laser, whose time was up at the pound. The trio got along famously and as is so often the case, when we asked Mark & Michelle about teeing up a photo shoot for Laser's adoption profile, we were politely told that he no longer needed a home. We're so pleased that these three have made themselves into a happy little family. We think Laser is quite content being the apple of their eyes, don't you?

Happy furrytail ending, Laser!

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