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XANDER has found his furrytail ending!

How could you not be drawn in by this happy, handsome face? While we had some lovely applications for him, we couldn't go past Carly & Brent's. We know that Xander will be treasured by them and especially their adorable little Husky x Shar-pei lady, Pri who is thrilled with her new brother.

Happy furrytail ending, Xander!

Husky has never looked so good. All the ladies want me and all the guys want to be me. I'm Xander - and dang, I look good. I mean, I'm one tall, foxy guy - as you can see from my modelling shoot.

Do you know just how much deliberation went into the choice of shots? I'm picture-perfect in every single pose and versatile too. My expressions range from serious, funny, sweet, aloof to charming, regal, goofy or pensive - I'll be anything you need me to be.

I​'m a happy, friendly and talkative hunk with a huge heart, which I have reserved for that special someone (or special family) that is ready to provide my forever home. I'm romantic like that. I get on very well with other dogs (though no smalls please) and humans of all ages and descriptions. In fact, I haven't met a single person I don't like and of course everyone I've been introduced to falls head over heels for me in an instant. I haven't met any cats, though I imagine that they would taste divine.

I am housetrained, but I don't mind where you put me...outside, inside, on the couch... in the bed? You decide. In any case, you will be my love forever. I will croon to you like I was Harry Connick Jnr and sing you the songs of my people. Just ask my foster Mom – she can't get enough of my smooth lovin'. Human interaction is the highlight of my life, but if you have a canine buddy for me to hang out with, then that's an added bonus. I'll play, prance and pounce, but don't let my fangs fool you. I may like to show them off when I rough-house but I would never hurt you. Just say the word and I'll ease off. Daily workouts are a must to keep my impressive bod gym-ready and my mind sharp. So pick up that leash and hook me up, baby. Wearing me out means that I don't have to take it upon myself to make my own fun. Despite my breed, my on-leash manners are pretty smooth. Off-lead? Nope, don't even risk it. If you want to keep me in your life, you'll need to make sure that I'm only off-lead in securely fenced areas. Your fences at home must be digproof and an absolute minimum of 5ft, without any gaps for me to squeeze my majestic head through. In summary, I'm a very handsome, playful, musical, tolerant and loving fox with a huge heart.

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