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CHILL has found his furrytail ending!

From the moment that Chill arrived in our care, his foster Mum, Nicole was besotted with his sweet, gentle, laidback, loving nature. The words 'perfect', 'divine' and 'amazing' were thrown around regularly...and she wasn't just being biased. This guy is really very special.

​As his adoption profile went up, Nicole stoically swallowed the lump in her throat, wiped her eyes and braced herself for the call to say that his perfect home had been found. After all, Nicole had fostered several dogs for us - most long-term guests - and was well-versed in the bittersweet process of saying goodbye. She had so far managed to hand each one over, with the exception of the last one, Mischka, who Nicole's partner, Ross couldn't bear to part with. Well, we think you all know where this story is headed. There's now a matching his'n'hers pair - Ross' Mischka and Nicole's Chill. Along with twins, Jackson & Olivia, they complete this happy family of six. While we're sorry to lose an amazing foster carer, we're happy to see Chill so loved and content.

Happy furrytail ending, Chill!

Well, hey there! I'm Chill and I'm a cuddly polar bear, a delightful blend of easygoing lovebug and energetic running buddy. I must be a Gemini, as the two sides of me are distinctly different, yet equally endearing.

My sweet, laidback, loyal nature means that I'd suit a family who is home more often than not as my one true desire is to be near you. Lying adoringly at your feet, snuggling up in bed with you, I bond quickly and just want to be your constant companion, your handsome white shadow. For this reason, I will need to go to a home where I'm allowed inside the house. I am housetrained and have beautiful inside manners. Because I love you so much and want to be with you as often as possible, you'll need secure 6ft fencing to ensure that I don't come looking for you when you leave.

The other side to my personality is truly Arctic – I'm partial to long walks, jogs, runs, trips to the dog park, playing with toys – anything that will let me expend my exuberant energy. So you too will need an active side to keep up with me. However, my leash manners are impeccable and my foster Dad often has to check the other end of the lead to make sure I'm still there!

Although my true joy comes from socialising with people of all ages, I enjoy the company of other dogs also. The local dog park is my hang-out and I'm friendly and playful with dogs of all sizes (though the occasional Shepherd can rub me up the wrong way for some reason). I haven't been around any pocket pets, though wallabies catch my eye as they bound past...not sure what I'd do if I caught one... Described by my foster Dad as 'an amazing, clever, beautiful boy', he says that whoever adopts me will be very lucky. I really am rather special and would be a nice introduction to the breed if you have not owned a Malamute before. Sharp as a tack, I catch on to new things quickly and would probably even be good at typically non-Arctic activities like agility! I'm here and ready to get you up off the couch for a run, before returning there for a snuggle.

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