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BEAR has found his furrytail ending!

Happy days! We're thrilled to announce that big ol' Bear is living it up in sunny Townsville with Adam, Lindsay, husky sister, Ella and kittycats, Bella, Ned, Snowy & Charlie. Thanks to Bear's foster Mum, Chloe for taking such good care of him. ​

Happy furrytail ending, Bear!

Oh, please don't run the other way! I might look a little intimidating at 52kg, but I promise you that I'm just a big softie. Think of me as Hagrid in Harry Potter, Fezzik in Princess Bride, Sully in Monsters Inc...perhaps misunderstood and feared because of my size, but really I'm just the proverbial gentle giant. Everything about me is big – my paws, my ears, my tongue…but especially my heart.

​Everyone who meets me exclaims with wonder what a special boy I am. Perhaps they have a pre-conceived notion of Malamutes or Shepherds or big dogs in general, but it’s always a surprise for them to see how laidback I am with other dogs, kids and even cats.​

Canine buddies of all shapes, sizes, ages and breeds are my friends and I’m an absolute star at the dog park, with entire males really being the only ones that tend to rub me up the wrong way. At home, I’m equally social living with others, though I don’t like to share my food and toys, so would need some personal space from other dogs at those times. Quiet, relaxed and watchful, my favourite spot in the yard is up on a chair. From there, I sit like a sentry at a gate, surveying the perimeter and ensuring all is right with the world and the ones that I love. And when I’m satisfied that it is, I curl up and go to sleep there. I need solid fences of 5ft or higher. In my previous home, it was my daily ritual to duck through the rural fencing and go visiting next door. I would casually saunter amongst their cats and livestock without batting an eyelid and the neighbours would share a morning cuppa with me before I headed home again. I’m an adaptable fellow, happy to be outside in the yard while you’re away from home but all set to cuddle up with you and chill in front of the TV at night. I’m housetrained, so I’d prefer to be able to come in and out as I please if possible. I adore human company and just love being wherever you are, my soulful eyes fixed on you with pure devotion whenever you’re in the vicinity. I’m tolerant of enthusiastic youngsters of both the puppy and human variety. While I’m naturally calm, you’ll see me switch to excited tailwagging mode just by picking up my leash or ball. You may find it hard to believe, but I don’t pull on the lead. I’m currently enjoying a 40 minute walk in the morning and an animated game of fetch in the evening. I’ve mastered basic obedience – I know the commands of come, sit, stop, stay and shake. Big guys need love too and I’m a sucker for pats, cuddles, head scratches and being brushed.

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