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ISHAWA has found her furrytail ending!

This divine little lady settled into her forever home super-quickly. She adores (and is adored by) her new parents, Adrian & Shannon and has made 3 best friends of the feline variety - Diego, Molly & Commando. Shannon says that Ishawa is 'such a gentle, kind sweetie....we absolutely love her'. And really how could you not?

Happy furrytail ending, Ishawa!

Blink and you’ll miss me, folks…little ladies like me are hard to find and I guarantee you that I won’t be available for long. I don’t mean to brag but there’s a long list of things that make me very special. To be honest, I’m an exception to most of the things you’ve read about Huskies. Where do I start?

Well, you know how Huskies can be incompatible with small animals? Not me! I live with a Maltese Terrier, a Fox Terrier, a Pomeranian and a Shih-Tzu. I’m very dog-social and play beautifully with dogs of all shapes and sizes. I’d prefer to go to a home that has another dog, though if you’re home more often than not, I could be happy just with human company and visits to the dog park. I was raised with cats so there’s one more box you can tick…yep, I’m cat-friendly. However, I will draw the line at chickens. They’re way too delicious for me to play with gently.

My friendliness isn’t just limited to dogs and cats though…I adore humans of all ages too. With my loyal and loving nature, everyone from children to the elderly will relish my company as much as I revel in theirs. I love sitting beside you wherever you are, being stroked and patted. Well-behaved in every way, I’m housetrained, sit on command and wait to be invited to eat. I would be a great family dog or suit an active older person or couple, regardless of whether they’ve been owned by a Husky before. I enjoy walks, dog park visits and also swimming in the pool or at the beach. I’m not your typical Husky escape artist, but like any other dog, will need a secure, fully-fenced yard.

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