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FOXY has found her furrytail ending!

Although we rescue dogs from all over Queensland, did you know that we adopt to suitable homes Australia-wide? As it turned out, Foxy's perfect home was over the other side of the country in Kalgoorlie with her new Dad, Aaron. We're pleased to announce that she's breezed through her two week adoption trial and she and Aaron have fallen for each other in a big way!

Big thanks to Bev & Phil for fostering and to Ngaire who accompanied Foxy on her life-changing journey to WA. A special mention to Miss Chompey, whose parents very kindly sponsored Foxy as a way to honour their much-loved and missed Husky girl. That's both of the dogs sponsored in Chompey's name adopted in a matter of weeks...we think our dogs have a guardian angel...

Happy furrytail ending, Foxy!

"Ooooooh foxy lady!" What else but Jimi Hendrix purring over a wailing guitar could be my theme song? And why not? I'm a leggy red head not afraid to strut my stuff and plant kisses on whomever I choose. Rumour has it that my height and exotic looks may reflect a touch of Shepherd genes, but I can't confirm or deny. My one endearingly floppy ear just adds to the mystery.

​Looking for an active young lady who can keep up with you? I'm your gal. Perhaps we could be running partners. I also love the water and travel well in the car, so I'd be keen for some beach trips. Being a typical pup, I can easily do an hour's walk per day and still have energy for playing chasey with you or another dog in the yard. Due to my high chase instinct though, any doggy friends in my new home will be of ​

medium to large size and there will be no cats, birds or other pocket pets.

My lust for life means that I'm easily excited and play boisterously, so any kids in the household will be aged 10+. 5ft fencing will be high enough to keep me safe and secure, but my little physique means that I can squeeze through the smallest of gaps. Therefore, fences should come all the way to the ground or be concreted underneath to stop me digging or limbo-ing out. Either human or canine company throughout the day would be wonderful. I'm housetrained and crate-trained so I enjoy inside time as well as outside.Whilst in foster care, I've been picking up basic obedience, but would love an owner who is willing to continue my training. Being only a pup still, I need to learn focus but my sharp intelligence and willingness to learn both work in my favour and I love routine.

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