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MISHKA has found her furrytail ending!

Today's happy news is brought to you by the letter M for Mishka! Our 'not-so-little-bear' managed to wind her foster family around those big paws of her to the point that they couldn't imagine life without her.

So congrats to Ross, Nicole, Jackson and Olivia for welcoming this goofy young lady to your family on a permanent basis.

Happy furrytail ending, Mishka!

My name may be Russian for 'little bear', but I'm not so small. Weighing in at 40kg even before my first birthday, the 'bear' part might be more apt than the 'little' part. Giving and receiving love is what I was put on this earth to do. Come a little closer and let me smooch you and offer you my paw.

A medium or large, easygoing but playful male dog would be the ideal companion for me. However, I'm very people-focused and will cope with being your one and only, as long as you can commit to sufficient exercise and interaction. While I love children, I have no awareness of my size and may bowl little ones over, so any kids in my new home will be aged 8+. Cats, chickens, guinea pigs and the like are all fair game.

My deep and powerful voice is contrary to my gorgeous looks and goofy nature. I like to converse, especially when I'm excited. Playtime, dinner time and when I'm demanding your love and attention...these occasions are all cause for a song or two.

Although I've been raised as mainly an outside dog, I'm a fast learner and could be housetrained in a jiffy. Treats are a great motivator so I will sit and shake paws and target you with my soulful eyes if you have something tasty for me. I'm possessive with my food though, so I must be fed separately to any other dogs in the household.

5ft fences will be enough to keep me safe and secure in your yard. In typical Mally fashion, landscaping is an occasional hobby of mine. While I don't dig under fences to escape, you may find the odd excavation site...I'm just digging holes for you to plant in! However, the more exercise and stimulation you can provide my lively young body and mind, the less energy I'll have for such things. An active owner who will take me for walks and to the beach for swims would be great. I enjoy ball play, water play, chasey and tug-o-war too.

I'm not a huge fan of car travel, but I'm getting better. On the way to my carer's home for the first time​, I lay across the gear stick to smooch up to my foster Dad for reassurance. It was an interesting drive home with only 1st, 3rd and 5th gear! Cheeky and loving and still just a baby, I have a lot to offer and can't wait to get started on my brand new life.

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