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VEENA has found her furrytail ending!

It's official...our stunning little gingersnap with the hypnotic eyes has found her furever home. A big congratulations to Mina & Manny on their new addition. We hear that their Husky boy, Hachi is loving having a new sister and we can't wait to see photos of them together.

Happy furrytail ending, Veena!

How do you describe a sunbeam? Or a rainbow? Or a snowflake? All these things are naturally occurring perfection, encapsulated in miniature and designed to inspire wonder and awe. A little like me really.

Everyone who meets me remarks on my stunningly unusual eyes. But while you may initially be drawn to my looks, beauty's only fur-deep. Once you spend any time with me, you'll realise that there are things so much more special about me than what you see. My sweet, gentle nature is beyond compare. A chance encounter with anyone, either human or canine, results in a brand new friendship. I adore people of all ages, especially children. While I've only ever lived in a home where I'm the sole doggy resident, my heart's desire is to join a family where there is already a dog for company. Playful and happy, I'm a dog park regular. I haven't come across any cats in my travels so I'm not sure if we could be friends, but I'm willing to give it a go with your careful guidance.

Though I've been brought up as an outside-only dog, I'd bend over backwards to be with you inside the house. Being such a smart cookie, housetraining would be a breeze. I'm no stranger to training, having graduated from puppy preschool. My teacher even contacted the folk at SHAMROQ to give me a glowing reference! She says that I'm well-behaved, responsive to commands (especially if rewarded with treats or praise!) and I have lovely manners. I know sit, drop, jump up, crawl, roll and also how to jump through a hoop. I almost sound too good to be true, don't I?

​Don't forget that I'm still a Husky though, so despite being as pretty as a china doll, I need to move! I'm currently enjoying a half hour walk morning and evening. I love the social aspect of zoomies at the dog park (and the car ride there and back!) and the stimulation of toys, balls, ropes and the like at home.

There's a perception out there that if a dog needs rehoming, it must be naughty. I'm living proof that sometimes, circumstances change and the most perfect dog can find herself without a home. I don't think it will be long though, before I'm snuggled up with a family who dotes on you?

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