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POLAR has found his furrytail ending!!

Those of you who joined us at Mally Muster last weekend may have seen our new SHAMROQ stubby coolers adorned with this image by Charlotte Reeves Photography. The model with the stunning ‘blue steel’ pose is foster kid, Polar, who has been representing SHAMROQ at a number of events, hanging out at our stalls and just being an all ‘round excellent ambassador. Many of you met the celebrity himself Mally Muster. His foster Mum, Elise is one of the founders of SHAMROQ and many of you would have met her at events or spoken to her in the pm’s of this page. When I met her about 7 years - and roughly 350 dogs - ago, she didn’t own any dogs. Things have changed a lot since then, with Elise becoming my dedicated, right-hand woman in rescue and the proud owner of two foster-fails, Blade & Chyna. Wait, we’d better make that three foster-fails. You see, as the champion of the organisation that she loves, Elise reckons that it would be a crime not to keep Polar as SHAMROQ mascot and that he should live with her permanently... He’s a very special and lovable guy indeed and it’s easy to see that Elise & Polar are mutually besotted with each other. This is not strictly a business arrangement! I couldn’t dream of a better home for him, so Elise’s wish has been granted and Polar’s adoption has been made official.

Happy furrytail ending, Polar!


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