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KANE has found his furrytail ending!!

StartFragmentKane came to us after the grief of losing his canine companion motivated him to start jumping fences and searching for company, meaning that his owner could no longer keep him safe within her yard. While she was devastated to give him up, we vowed that we would find him a home with another friend so he would not feel the need to wander again. Long-time supporters and foster ...carers (and adopters!), Shannon & Pav stepped up to give Kane a soft place to land during his stay as a SHAMROQ guest. Their rescued Huskies, Kimba & Frankie, welcomed him into the pack and two seamlessly became three. But when matriarch, Kimba passed away recently, Shannon & Pav realised that they weren't prepared to lose Kane too. He was staying for good. We know that Kimba would have given her blessing for this adoption (as would her sister, Taisa - who was rescued at the same time and has been waiting patiently at the Rainbow Bridge). It's almost ironic that it was grief that brought Kane into our care and now he's helping to heal the hearts of his new family.

Happy furrytail ending, Kane!EndFragment

Have you ever met a Husky who was just easy to have around? Well, Huskies are still Huskies and so we'll always have our quirks, but some are just a little less Husky than others, if you get my drift. I reckon I sit on the other side of the Huskiness scale somewhere on the good side of Typical Husky. We're always on the spectrum there somewhere!!

I'm still a Husky in that I love to walk and love adventures. I live for my daily 1 hour walk and it's the highlight of my day. I'd happily go longer but I know you got other stuff to do! Despite my age, I still like to pull on the lead to try to get to where we're going but that's just what Huskies do. I can't be trusted off-lead either - this is just standard Husky 101.

So, yep, I'm a pretty social guy and I'll need at least one other dog for company. Male or female, I don't mind. Just as long as they're medium sized or larger and will cuddle up with me. Cats and small dogs are off my list but that's pretty textbook when it comes to us Arctic folk.

I like pretty much all people, though I'm probably a little bouncy for the really young or frail ones...but anyone and everyone in between are right up my alley.

Huskies tend to have a knack of escaping and, in my past when I lost my doggy mate, I found ways to go look for another. But in my foster home, with other dogs as company and secure 6ft fences, I haven't bothered to wander again. It's also preferred that the fences have no gaps underneath that can be used for digging out. I tend to prefer the great outdoors and don't seem to have spent much time inside in my previous home, but we all learn eventually that inside is where the cuddles are!

As you can see, I'm just a delightful chap to have around and as long as you have the right home for me in regards to company and security, then I'm sure I'll fit right in.

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