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DELTA has found her furrytail ending!!

After almost a year in foster care, this beautiful girl has finally found her forever home. We thank Zane & Pam for taking such good care of her and also Sonya & Chris for their generous sponsorship.

Congrats to Ann-Maree and family on their new addition.

Happy furrytail ending, Delta!

Let me tell you why I've turned my chair around and want you as a member of Team Delta. This is what I see in our future and how I want to mould you and take you forward in life. You just have to say "Yes, let's do this!"...

​I can promise to give you my full, undivided attention. I don't wish to share you with any other pets in the family home, so it'll just be you and me. I don't care for other dogs, and cats & other small pets are just too much outside temptation when we have work to do! You can be solo or there can be a whole group of people in the family, the more the merrier. I'm passionate about my team members and can get a bit over-excited, so the only thing with little ones is to make sure I'm supervised so as not to knock them over by accident. I do have a habit of tapping you with my paw to remind you that hands were made for patting.

I want us to get out and explore the big, wide world together. Let's take car trips and go for on-lead leisurely strolls every day, just spending time together and taking in what life has to offer us. This is our time, though, so let's not waste it in any cooped-up dog parks or anything like that. Like I said, I only like to work with you one on one, no other dogs are welcome.

​Home is my sanctuary and the more time you're home with me, the happier I am. I'm content to do some sunbaking in the yard while you go to work but, when you come home, then it's time for us to get together and bond. Fences should be 5ft or higher with no large gaps underneath to pique my curiosity. Let me warn you though, us divas do sometimes need an outlet and mine is to dig the odd hole in the garden.

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