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COOLIO has found his furrytail ending!!

We knew when Coolio came to us that he was a naturally skittish fellow who was going to take awhile to warm up. Things didn't quite go to plan when he managed to escape his foster carers, Maree & Caley, while out on a walk not long after he'd come into care. This young man had us all very worried as the days passed and there was no sign of him.

Just when our hopes were starting to fade, we got a call to say that he'd been found! He had spent five days on the run, avoiding all human contact. Back he went to a very relieved Maree & Caley, who nurtured Coolio and endeavoured to get him settled and comfortable.

While Coolio is always going to be a shy guy, he did finally start making himself at home with Maree, Caley and their Husky girl, Zayda. After some months, it became apparent that their home was now his safe place and it was decided that he'd officially become a permanent member of the family.

Happy furrytail ending, Coolio!

Hello! Coolio, not the rappin' pop-a-cap-in-your-a** Coolio, but the gentle red-headed Husky one. I'm quite the celebrity because I caused mass hysteria when I got loose on a walk soon after I came into care and disappeared for a few days. They tell me half of Brisbane was out looking for me. Well, I'm happy to report that I've improved at bit since those days but I'm still a Husky so no off-lead time for me...ever!!

Been spending most my life livin' in a ganster's paradise. Well no, not really but it's a bit of a mystery where I've been up until I moved into my foster home. I'm a bit of a worry wart and it does take me a little while to warm up as I find new people quite scary so they have to take their time and slowly introduce themselves. I won't snap or anything but I do curl up in my little ball and try to shy away.

In my new home I'd like the quiet life. A small number of my very own people who'll let me follow them around the house and give me my very own safe space inside the house. I've never been mean to a child but all the noise they make can worry me, so the older they are, the better.

I'm not known for rollin' with my homies, but lately I've been hanging out at the dog park and meeting some new doggy friends. The little ones are far too much fun to chase, so I think dogs that are around my size and like to run and play suit me best. In my foster home I live with a female Husky. We had a few little disagreements in the early days but are happy enough now that we understand each other. We don't live in each other's pockets though, so I would be happy in a home with either another laid back, medium to large dog, or none at all if you have lots of time to devote to me. Cats should not be accessible to me as, if they run, I chase!

At home I prefer to spend most of my time indoors with my comfort toy (currently a ball of red wool!) The yard should have minimum 5ft fences with no gaps that I might fit through. Latches should also be secure or padlocked to prevent me taking myself on another adventure. I do enjoy a long walk or good run most days so the more active you are, the better! But, above all, what I really need is time, patience, love and understanding. My anxiety is improving and it centres all around people. Storms or fireworks or other dogs don't worry me too much, but new people do make me anxious.

QLD Supply # BIN0000139144842

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